July 25, 2024

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Event Security

  • Are you planning an event at your home?
  • Are you concerned about the security of your guests?
  • A small oversight can prove to be very costly.
  • Hence, security is of the utmost importance.

You need to ensure that trained security guards/personnel are assigned on duty for your event.

They are trained to tackle different situations, be it a small fight or something more serious.

In this article, you will get to know the five mistakes to avoid when planning event security.

1.      Do not set goals for the security of the event

The first thing you need to do before hiring a security company is to set some goals. You are not just doing it for the sake of formality. But ensure that you know what kind of security goals you need to achieve. For example, do you want the security company for CCTV monitoring, crowd control, or just guard the doors? The goal needs to be communicated and discussed with the security personnel. Everyone needs to know their duties well.

2.      Assuming that there are no threats

Some people assume that they do not have any threats, which makes them vulnerable. People who are a threat to you will prefer to hurt you or your guests in a crowded event to get away without getting noticed. Also, burglars and thieves can take advantage of if your security is weak. They know that they have a pool of easy targets all in one place. So, have a fool-proof plan of proper protection for your event to avoid such mishaps.

3.      Not understanding the area threats

This mistake comes partly from the event management team. The team does not assess or get proper information about the possible threats related to the location of the area. So, make sure you get adequate information and also know if any past incidents happened associated with the security of the event. If yes, then either change the location or inform the security company to give them a heads up about the issue and how they should deal with it.

4.      Not hiring professionally trained security guards

We always try to save some money when planning an event. To save costs, we go for the security company which quotes the least price. And that mostly ends up getting amateur security guards who never got any professional training to deal with security issues. Please do not save money, which will end up costing you a fortune or losing the life of someone. Make sure that you hire professionally trained security guards who know how to deal with different situations, i.e., have a licensed gun and proper training to shoot if necessary. You can hire professionals from Bristol Security Company, which offers various security services.

5.      Not involving security personnel in the event management

Another aspect that we often miss out is that we do not discuss the event details with the security teams. It is a crucial thing to do because they are hired to make the event successful and secure. So, do share the event details with them, and they might even give you some professional guidance related to the security aspect.

You can learn from these mistakes and ensure a secure and successful event. If you need a security company for your event, you can call Mobile Patrol Security Bristol and get your quote. Also, discuss your security goals with them to ensure a fully secured gathering.