March 1, 2024

5 Reasons Why a Hobby Farm is the Next Big Thing

Hobby farming is rapidly gaining popularity in Australia, Europe, and the United States. It involves maintaining small farms for recreation or sideline income. Some banks consider hobby farms to be non-income generating rural properties. Even so, hobby farmers can borrow hobby farm home loans from banks if their farms earn them a steady income. The following are five reasons why a hobby farm is the next big thing.

Hobby Farming Requires Little Space

Farmers can use advanced technology to grow high-value crops in small parcels of land. For example, a 400 square feet block of lavender can generate $1,800 per year. You can process lavender to make face creams, infused oils, and lotion bars to increase your profit. People who don’t own land can set hydroponic systems in idle garages or basements. Or, you can lease land from other farmers for several years. These farmers can offer advice on how to grow specific crops or keep certain animals.

Incredible Health Benefits

Of late, there has been an increase in the number of people suffering from lifestyle-related diseases. Some of them consume farm products that have been grown through conventional farming. Nutritionists recommend eating organic foods to avoid contracting chronic illnesses like cancer. You can get fresh animal products and organic vegetables through hobby farming. Also, maintaining a farm is a form of physical exercise. Farmers with productive hobby farms testify that they are a source of stress relief and relaxation.

Hobby Farming Promotes Sustainable Agriculture

Hobby farming is more environment-friendly compared to large-scale commercial farming. Many commercial farms use huge amounts of insecticides and chemical fertilizers to boost their productivity. With time, the soil absorbs these chemicals, and some of them dissolve in groundwater thus having adverse effects on the environment. The use of organic fertilizer in hobby farms helps in having sustainable food supply.

It is a Good Side Hustle

Hobby farmers who use organic fertilizer frequently to grow high-value crops make huge profits each year. It is necessary to create an efficient delivery system to supply farm produce to your clients while it is fresh. Some people have left formal employment to concentrate on their hobby farms. But, you need to constantly maintain your farm and replace worn-out equipment to get a steady income.

Hobby Farms Promote Community Engagement

Farming offers an opportunity to interact with local communities. After a while, some of your return clients become close friends and they give feedback about your farm produce. Also, you can give part of your products to local food banks to disburse them to the less fortunate members of your community.

Most hobby farms cover less than 100 hectares. The farms have different crops and animals. Hobby farming is ideal for youth, adults, and the elderly. A hobby farm is a reliable side hustle. They have many health benefits and promote community engagement. If you need hobby farm loans, call United Farm Mortgage on (913)549-3776 or click here to visit the website. We offer loans on farms, vineyards, and ranches. Also, you can place real estate as collateral to take loans on crops, equipment, and livestock.