May 23, 2024

5 Ways to Increase Business with Local Phone Number

The recent years have seen an immense transition in businesses when it comes to trusting modern digital trends. A fine example to prove the point in question is the popularity of VoIP phone systems. Several business owners have made a smooth switch from the conservative phone system to the VoIP phone system.

We all know effective communication is critical to success of any form of relationship and the business relations are no exception! Having a local phone number for the business helps to build strong, professional ties with the customers and that is just the beginning. There are several other advantages of using a local phone number.

Instead, it would not be wrong to say that using a local phone number is a sure way to amplify one’s business.

How do VoIP phones work?

Before you wonder how to get a VoIP local phone number, let us tell you more about how they work. VoIP phones are completely different from traditional phones in a number of ways, the most important being their working. A VoIP phone is designed to convert voice calls that are analog, into digital signals. These digital signals are then sent over the internet in the form of data.

It is for this reason that a VoIP user is able to make calls or receive calls that are not just cost-effective but are also high in quality. Both the quality and the cost of the calls remain unaffected by the call location or the call duration.

Why your business need a local phone number

A strong communication is a foundation stone for any healthy relationship around, and the same stands true for the relationship between a businessman and a customer. So the mode of communication you choose to stay connected with your clients or customers is of paramount importance.

Having a VoIP setup however has more benefits than simply building strong relationships. A modern VoIP system promises extreme calling clarity and some of the most advanced calling features such as Call Analytics, smart call forwarding and call queuing to name just a few. Apart from these, there are multiple other features such as call transfer, call conference, call barging, call recording, voice mail and on-hold music.

All such features do not just add convenience to the business operations but also add brand value to a business. When compared to a traditional form of phone systems, VoIP system is cost-effective, efficient, scalable, and also portable.

As per an authentic research, business, as well as residential users who took up to the VoIP setup after ditching the traditional phone systems, have reported savings of up to 75%! Are you still wondering why your business needs a local phone number?

5 ways a local phone number will help your business

It is motivating to see the businesses today altering their ways as per the trending digital trends. More and more businesses are also opting for new ways of communicating with their customers. And that is where a local phone number comes in!

Having a local phone number for your business can help you in these 5 ways:

1.  It is an excellent marketing tool

A local phone number helps a business to determine the success of their marketing efforts. For instance, if the business flashes a number on a billboard all the calls that are received on that number can be clearly attributed to the billboard marketing.

2.  Adds to the brand’s image

Even though it is an added advantage to have your email id on your website, having your contact details is what brings in customer’s trust to the business. It gives them a sense of contentment that the business can be easily reached out on their local phone number if there is a query regarding the product or the service.

Having trust in the business automatically adds to its brand’s image!

3.  Enhances customer service

There is no better way to answer your customer’s queries than one-to-one on a phone call. The experience they have directly talking to a business representative can never be compared to what they feel when they have to wait for their mails to be answered or getting automated replies from chatbots. Better customer service always equals better business.

4.  Are easy to remember

You will have to make a little effort and your customer will never forget your business number. All you need to do is to either choose a toll-free number or a vanity number for your business. Both of these are easy to remember and the customers start associating the brand, the business with the number itself.

5.  Help in building stronger relationships

When you call your customer or your customer calls you, it is not just a sales call but much more than that. To be able to listen to your customer’s voice gives you a clear idea about their expectations and needs.

When you identify their needs at a personal level, you are definitely able to deliver exactly what they want in terms of products or services. Happy services mean happy customers.

How to setup your VoIP local phone number with CallHippo?

If you are wondering how to get a VoIP local phone number, it is easy with CallHippo.

Not sure how?

Let us help you with how to setup your VoIP local phone number with CallHippo. It lets you set up your VoIP phone system for 50+ countries in 3 simple steps.

Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Buy Numbers

With CallHippo, you can buy numbers of 50+ countries around the world.

Step 2: Add users

Once you have bought a number, it’s time to add users to that number. You can add multiple users to a single number.

Step 3: Start Calling

Look no further! You are now ready to make calls and receive calls to and from 50+ countries across the globe.


It is essential to set up a feature-rich business solution to improve the quality of communication and customer interaction. And CallHippo can help you the best in this. It is a modern-day virtual phone system that allows businesses to connect with their customers. So, you definitely need this solution to amplify your business’s voice and reach.