July 20, 2024

6 Mistakes To Avoid When Renovating The Bathroom


For homeowners who are thinking about having their bathrooms remodeled and renovated, they want to sell their home soon or they just want to make their home feel more comfortable.

If you have enough budget, you can perform an extravagant bathroom makeover. You can buy a bathtub and still install a shower in your bathroom. There are many things you can do but you first need to know the different factors to be considered in doing your bathroom renovation.

A bathroom renovation can be very easy but at the same time, it takes a lot of effort to execute. You need to start taking measurements and plan it step-by-step in order to achieve the perfect bathroom in your mind.

Usually, the average cost of renovation is between $10,000 to $15,000. For do-it-yourself or DIY bathroom remodeling, you can always save as much as a few thousand dollars.

In preparation for your bathroom renovation, you need to establish the overall design of the bathroom you want. You should decide on the color scheme, new fixtures, storage spaces, and location of the utilities inside your bathroom.

These are very important elements that comprise a bathroom that is why you need to think about these things carefully before proceeding to the renovation.

Gather your remodeling tools and supplies such as safety mask, gloves, goggles, caulking gun, silicone sealant, hammer, tape measure, spackle knife, spackle, stud finder, and many others. These are the essential tools and supplies you will be needing for your DIY bathroom remodel.

Now you know the basic things to do before your bathroom renovation, read this infographic to know the mistakes you need to avoid in bathroom remodeling projects.

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