May 23, 2024

8 Unique Things to Do in Makassar That You Can’t-Miss

Makassar city is located on the shore of the west coast, the southern portion of South Sulawesi. The elevation of the city fluctuates between 0-25 meters over sea level, and air temperature is between 20 ° c – 32 ° c, has a shoreline of 32 km and an area of ​​175.77 square kilometres. Tourists enjoy everything from inner tubing down a waterfall one of the butterflies to snorkelling on white sandy shores to an amusement park with a cartoon city. Another exciting activity for anybody travelling to Makassar is tasting local delicacies offered by street vendors, such as grilled milkfish using a green skillet.

  1. Reminisce the Colonial History at Fort Rotterdam

After the Dutch defeated the Gowa Kingdom in 1667, they destroyed the king’s fortifications and constructed a fort which served as a nucleus around the town which Makassar climbed over time.

After independence, Fort Rotterdam took 10 minutes from Makassar, became a repository for ancient documents and relics. A number of collections can be seen in the La Galigo Museum, housed in two buildings. You will see clothes from South Sulawesi’s diverse peoples, models of boats from Sulawesi’s many seafaring tribes, and more.

  1. Go Shopping at Jalan Somba Opu

Jalan Somba Opu south of Fort Rotterdam, roughly 10 minutes from Makassar by car sells a range of items from expensive silks, gold jewellery, to souvenir T-shirts by the dozen. Historically placed to Makassar’s gold and silver shops, Jalan Somba Opu has expanded to cover a broad range of retail activities. Beyond the famous silver filigree out of Kendari in southeastern Sulawesi, you will also find batik from Manado, woodcrafts, and textiles from Toraja. After dark, noodle hawkers put up across the sidewalks and market Bakso (meatballs) and broiled meats.

  1. Have a Blast in an Amusement Park

Trans Studio Makassar, one of the world’s biggest indoor amusement parks, is an enjoyable way to spend a day at Tanjung Bunga Makassar, plus it’s only 15 minutes from the city centre. With numerous games and activities within four different areas, and a movie theatre, coffee shops, restaurants, shopping, and much more, there’s truly something for everybody in the family. The kids can be entertained by a cartoon city, a science centre, and beyond.

  1. Climb Around Celebes Canyon

Celebes Canyon, sitting on the edge of this Ule River about a two-hour driveway from Makassar, is reported to be named after the Grand Canyon from the U.S. and makes a fantastic day excursion for nature lovers. However, this Indonesian canyon is not a popular tourist attraction. So, you probably won’t find items like baths and garbage cans. You’ll need to get well prepared and don’t forget to pack out any trash. You can soak in the clear and clean waters on a hot afternoon. Also, you may take in the beauty of the waterfall and stone in the area.

  1. Learn at the Great Mosque of Makassar

Indonesia has the world’s most significant Muslim population, and over 87% of the nation’s inhabitants practise this religion. To see one of the most prominent Muslim places of worship in Southeast Asia, see the Great Mosque of Makassar, that was built in 1948–1949 and has been remodelled in 1999 within six years. The two-story site has a grand courtyard, along with the construction, can accommodate up to 10,000 worshipers.

  1. Delve Into History in Somba Opu Fort

For a fascinating look at an important historic site just around 20 minutes by car from Makassar, check out the Somba Opu Fort. The fort was built in 1525 by the Sultan of Gowa IX. Also, afterwards destroyed by the Dutch East India Company in 1669. The preceding trading port located in Jalan Daeng Tata from the Gowa regency was rediscovered in the 1980s and reconstructed in 1990.

Along with the fort, people will have a chance to see a cannon weighing almost 21,000 lbs (9,500 kilograms), a history museum, and several traditional houses representing the South Sulawesi tribes known as Bugis, Makassar, Mandar, and Toraja.

  1. See the Sunset in Pantai Losari

To see Makassar in its spontaneousness, check out the Pantai Losari seaside promenade just before sundown. It’s a favourite stop for people watching everyone from tourists to reptile fanciers that are there to enjoy a gorgeous sunset.

Then walk up north Jalan Penghibur for an early dinner in the sidewalk kaki lima (food stalls) for Makassar favourites such as Pisang Epe (grilled banana with palm sugar sauce) and Buroncong (breakfast sandwiches made from flour and grated coconut).

  1. Eat Makassar’s Favorite Foods

The kaki lima scratch the face of Makassar’s ingestion possibilities. The locals are enthusiastic fishermen that have created a range of dishes that will dazzle even the most demanding gourmand.

Start with their excellent fish menu, like the ikan parape (broiled milkfish with spices) that you eat with a new green mango condiment. Other must-haves would be the rich beef stew called Coto Makassar and the Ayam Goreng Sulawesi, a fried chicken dish generally with a soy sauce base and some spices. Gado-Gado, the mixed vegetable dish with peanut sauce, is an option for vegetarians. And do not miss the decadent banana-based dessert named Pisang Ijo.

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