July 19, 2024

An expert in sequences? Start playing rummy online cash games.

In Rummy, you need to meld your given hand into valid arrangements of sets and sequences. A set is a group of at least three cards of the same number or face but different suits. On the other hand, a sequence is a collection of at least three or more consecutive cards of the same suit. To declare and show your hand, you need to have at least two sequences with you, one of them being pure.

If you want to play the rummy online cash game, you need to be good at forming sequences easily and quickly. Failure to do so will cost you a lot of your hard-earned money. Read the article to find out about how you can easily meld your hand into valid sequences.

How to easily meld your hand into valid sequences

  • Prioritize your actions

Winning at any rummy game would require you to form at least one pure sequence with your given hand. A pure sequence is a collection of a minimum of three consecutive cards of the same suit formed without using the joker. It is important that you have a pure sequence ready as soon as possible. This helps in collecting fewer points at the end of the game. If you declare and show your hand without a pure sequence, you lose the round automatically and can get a total of 80 points.

  • Pay attention to your cards

It is important to pay attention to the hand you are dealt. For instance, if you have a 2 of spades and a 4 of spades, it is easier to meld either a pure sequence or an impure sequence, with the 3 of spades or any of the printed or wildcard jokers respectively. However, if the cards of the same suit are not close together consecutively, it’s better to discard the unmatched cards. For instance, forming a sequence with a 3 of clubs and a Queen of the club would be impossible. As such, you should discard the Queen of clubs if you can’t form a set or sequence with it, since face cards have high points, which will end up costing you more money in a rummy online cash game.

  • Memorize the cards

If you want to earn as much cash as possible in a rummy online cash game, it is important for you to form a habit of memorizing the cards your opponents discard and pick up from the open deck. This way you will have a fair idea about the sequences your opponent is aiming for. So, you can be cautious about the cards you discard in the open deck.

  • Pay attention to the color of your cards

You can easily form your sequences and stop your opponents from doing the same, by paying attention to the color of the cards. For instance, if your opponent picks up red-colored cards from the open deck, you should avoid discarding cards with suits of hearts and diamonds on them. These are the cards that the opponent is looking for. Likewise, if you have a huge number of black cards, you should aim to form sequences with clubs and spades.


Forming sequences is an integral part of playing rummy. You can easily form sequences by using the several tips mentioned above. Once you get better at using the cards to make valid sequences quickly, your rummy skills will improve significantly.