May 20, 2024

Are You Searching for a Genuine Auto Transport Company?

If you are interested to deal with a genuine and trustworthy auto shipping company, then it is very important to make a reality check about the company online and also know about their reputation too. Reading of customer reviews will tell you lot of things about professionalism and dealing of the company with their customers.

You must however remember that there are few companies who often try to do manipulation about their public image. Often they offer incentive to few customers and ask them to leave certain positive feedback about their experience during car shipping.

Therefore, to distinguish between authentic and fake reviews is often too difficult. Here in this small article we shall help you to get few insightful information, so that you are more confident while making your final choice to avoid scams.

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How to spot a fake review?

Although, it is not so easy and straightforward to identify any fake reviews in the internet from the actual and genuine review but following few tips can help you to identify them.

1. Check the source

Check from where you are reading your auto transportation reviews. Try to read from certain genuine websites like Better Business Bureau where reviews will be more authentic and genuine. You may also read from Google Business or Yelp. These sites need proper validation, so that people cannot make posting of multiple reviews.

2. Check the dates

Also check on which dates all these reviews were posted. If you find many reviews have been posted within very short gaps or on same day, then it can always be suspicious. Possibly these reviews have been posted by the company itself.

3. Check the names

Look for names of the reviewers and if you find any positive reviews written where reviewers are “Anonymous” then it will be fake review. Usually negative reviews are written by any anonymous people, so that they cannot be identified.

4. Check the number of reviews

If more numbers of positive reviews found written within very short duration of time, you should then be alarmed. Authentic reviews usually come after a long gap of period and only one or two in number.

5. The focus

If the focus of the review is more about the company rather than the product for which you are actually looking for the review, then it may be fake. A genuine review will usually focus about the product rather than the company.

6. The language

Often fake review will have plenty of spelling and grammatical errors to sound like a genuine reviewer. Fake reviews are often written by professional writer so often people deliberately write poor language in look like genuine review.

7. Level of praise

Genuine reviews will likely to offer 2 or 3 stars and make few negative comments about the product too. However, if you find 5 star rating then you must be little alert.