July 20, 2024

Armed vs. Unarmed Security Guards? What do you need for your business?

There is a lot of difference between armed and unarmed security guards, even though armed guards carry firearms. The truth is, both serve different necessities. To discover which one suffices your purpose, you need to assess your security requisitions cautiously.

Here are a few considerations that you should make to choose the best option for you.

What do you want to safeguard? Are their valuables included?

If there are valuable items such as money, jewelry, or precious metals involved, you have higher burglary and crime chances. Hence, under such a situation, you need to hire armed guards. Such targets are in the limelight for criminals, who can do anything to attempt. Armed security guards deter them from such activities, but they have the authority to use their arms if anything happens.

Do you want to safeguard your property from a specific threat?

Some locations are prone to violence and crimes. For instance, areas with lots of late-night activities or gang activity create a higher need for armed security services.

Do you need the guards at the front or inside?

The presence of an armed security guard creates a perception that the location needed higher security and it wasn’t safe in the first presence. Hence, many businesses choose unarmed security services in plain sight with armed forces behind the scene where the situation can occur.

Of course, the presence of armed guards creates an impression that the location is now safe. You have the pros and cons of armed guards. At the same time, the benefits represent that the premises are no longer a soft target. It offers reassurance that everything is under control in a high-risk environment. On the other hand, armed security guards may provocate in specific situations. Hence, do a proper assessment before demanding armed guards.

Benefits of unarmed security services

Some several businesses and areas enjoy the services of unarmed security guards. The presence of an unarmed security guard works as a deterrent and proves to be less intimidating. They work as a preventive aspect and keep the area from becoming a target of any type of crime. Unarmed security services are suitable for situations like:

  • Avoiding trespassing, burglary, and vandalism
  • Avoiding any mal-activity of lower value items
  • Where a quick police response is available
  • In public areas, which are marked as a safe location by people

Unarmed can sometimes be misleading as most security guards carry non-lethal arms like batons, pepper sprays, etc., to provide some defense. Hence, they are still armed with minimal defense equipment.

When finding out the most suitable guards for your business or premises, an essential aspect is to take help from a professional security company. A top-notch security company will assess your property and help you decide the type of security you need for your venture. A good company has provisions of all levels of security, and they will advise whether armed or unarmed security services are suitable as per your requirements. So, go ahead and discuss your needs now.