February 27, 2024

Best Things to do in Walla Walla Washington

One of the most amazing and best attributes about Walla Walla is its extensive array of wineries. Not only do these over 100 wineries produce wines that appeal to all taste palates, but they also create an amazing vista of acres and acres of grapes. Throughout the year at various stages in the creation of wine, Walla Walla celebrates its vineyards, wineries, and wines.

Explore more of the best things to do in Walla Walla, Washington throughout the wine seasons.


As the fields reawaken from their winter hiatus, Walla Walla’s beauty is fresh and vibrant. In early April, wineries gather for the Spring Kickoff Weekend. The new wines of the season are introduced, which makes it a perfect time for visitors to purchase spring wines and transition their taste buds.

An even bigger celebration occurs in May of each year with Walla Walla’s Spring Release Weekend. During this festive event, most, if not all, wineries release their wines from their latest harvest. With the backdrop of lush vineyards and the gorgeous Blue Mountains, tastings of wine are sure to please.


With long warm sunny days, summer is another great season to celebrate Walla Walla wineries. July provides visitors with the opportunity to Celebrate Walla Walla Valley Wine. During the weekend long event, wine enthusiasts can participate in a number of events. Tastings at this celebration will include rare vintages for the wine connoisseurs. Educational sessions will be led by renowned winemakers from all over. Dinners will provide an excellent opportunity to sample wines as they are paired with delectable foods.


Fall in Walla Walla offers a speculator array of colors in the valley. Apples, pumpkins, and corn mazes add to the delights of the region. The wine world honors the tastes of fall with their Walla Walla Fall Release Weekend. Usually, this gathering occurs during the first weekend of November.

Riches from the recent harvest and the end of the grape-growing season for the year, the wineries open their doors to savor the aromas and vistas of fall. This weekend event centers around answering inquiries about the FebWWwine making process, growing grapes, and selecting the finest ingredients for wines. Of course, supplementing the answers to visitors’ questions is also accomplished by tasting the newly-produced and released wines.


Though the fields are dormant, the wine season and celebration continue. Early December, you’ll find the wineries in a festive holiday spirit. What better way to celebrate the winter holidays and season than by tasting wines in the Walla Walla valley. While you’re there, you can accomplish much of your holiday shopping, for the adults on your list, with bottles of wine for the area’s vineyards.

Culminating the tasting and celebrating cycle of the wineries is the Walla Walla Holiday Barrel Tasting. Typically, this event occurs over the first weekend in December. Visit a number of different wineries to taste the wide range of flavors created by the region’s talented winemakers.

Any time of year, some of the best things to do in Walla Walla are centered on our agricultural roots and our vineyards.