April 17, 2024

Brighten Your Day Through Street Art On Your Walls 

You can transform a blank wall into a display showcase by adding street art prints from all over the world. There are Bansky canvas prints like Love is in the Air, Umbrella Rainbow Happy Girl, and Girl with the Red Balloon that you can use to cover your walls. You also have the option of Keith Haring, Tristan Eaton, and Mr. Brainwash prints including stunning prints from local artists. 

Street art on your wall

Artists have more freedom to express themselves through street art. It can be an opinion or a message that the artist wants to convey to viewers. Each of the artists has established their trademarks like Bansky who is an anonymous English-based street artist. He has a distinctive technique that combines satire with dark humor. 

Bansky’s Love in the Air or Flower Thrower is undoubtedly one of his most sought-after works that are reproduced in posters, canvas prints, t-shirts, and other merchandise across the world. The iconic image will look good on your wall. It can be a conversation starter when you entertain guests. 

Keith Haring’s street art started as spontaneous drawings in the New York subways. After the American artist gained public recognition, he started to create large scale artworks like colorful murals. You can hang a canvas print of Keith Haring’s Crack is Wack mural on your wall to remind people of the crack epidemic and how it affected New York. 

Tristan Eaton is an American graffiti artist and street art muralist who has painted elaborate street murals in many neighbourhoods. America needs Brains or Alexander Graham Bell are some of his famous projects that are printed on canvas to inspire people. 

Mr. Brainwash is a French-born street artist whose artwork strongly emulates those of Bansky. A canvas print of Life is Beautiful will look as perfect on your wall as it did on the 15,000 square foot complex of Hollywood’s Sunset Boulevard. 

It is not vandalism but street art

While graffiti is considered vandalism, it is now accepted as an important part of the culture. Some artists have created street art to bring them directly to people. A wide range of street art that has meaning to it has been printed on canvas and framed to decorate walls. Murals can brighten your day so why not use it to decorate blank walls? 

Street art prints are classic and timeless making them a natural fit for the home. Canvas prints of murals, graffiti, and street art will look great for many years down the road. It is more cost-effective than buying a painting from an art gallery. To achieve the exact look you want for the wall, you can choose a single super-sized print or a gallery wall of several smaller prints.