July 20, 2024

CAREFUL! Bitcoin Mining Scams Still Exist in 2020

In the world of cryptocurrency or digital currency, there remains always the possibility of scamming. The investors who like to earn profit through investing in bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies are always aware of this fact. And as we all know that these digital transactions are done worldwide via high-tech computers which are only operated by special owners. They are known as ‘miners’.

For each transaction, these computers need to solve complex mathematical calculations. Investors pay such computer owners or the organizations which run the computers. Such an enterprise is AWS Mining which handles the cryptocurrency deals on the international level. It is widely used because it offers cloud mining services for investors to make profits. Moreover, it assures them of the security of funds and smooth mining services.

As they say on their website that they have been attached to bitcoin mining services since 2015 and have many global centers. But in recent times there are some matters of concern risen, unfortunately. The company claims that they have their mining farms but investigation shows they have hardly one. Rather, they seem to be scam teams.

What Attracts People to Invest in This Company?

If you are a newcomer in the cryptocurrency market, then it is very much possible to look for the betting profit giving companies. And this company offers to double your investment with other benefits too. Moreover, they also offer a 10% share for inviting a new investor for using their platform. So, these greedy referral commissions and other income offers make the investors primarily and blind and they go on investing only to be scammed later.

Some Facts You Must Know

  • This company uses an invalid virtual address and their claim of mining since 2015/2016 is also not true.
  • In the pyramid schemes, they only befool the investors by giving them a 10% referral bonus. The residual bonus which they offer is also a well-made plan to keep the investors’ chains running down-the-line. And the money they invest all goes to the other bank accounts connected with this company.


AWS Mining is now almost known to all investors for their scamming projects and fake services. They have never offered any fixed profits to the investors, unlike other real cryptocurrency investment companies. So, if you are a newcomer and have somehow stuck with them without getting any profit, then you must get rid of them as early as possible.