April 24, 2024

COVID-19 Has Made Cities to Convert to Solar Power

The stay-at-home and lockdown orders caused by COVID-19 has made a lot of things all over the world come to a standstill. With this, people have started noticing several changes such as clearer skies because of lower pollution levels. The cleaner environment has led to more sunlight reaching the solar panels and as a result, produce more clean energy. 

However, the pandemic has caused the solar industry a major setback. Thousands of solar jobs have been lost, pushing back all the progress that has happened since the past years. Clean energy can help the local economy and small businesses can survive and have additional income. 

The solar energy can still be jumpstarted by having the right policies in place. The solar industry is fast-growing before the pandemic happened, generating a lot of jobs and investments that can help the economy a lot. If you are in the solar industry, then you are faced with the difficulty of not being able to market solar installation and not being able to talk with potential customers face-to-face. 

Since people have realized how lesser pollution can do good, it is a good opportunity to promote solar energy. Seeing as there have been more power outages since the pandemic, the Centerpoint power outage page has information and helpful links to real-time power outage maps to help you be prepared. Despite the pandemic, you can still promote and reach potential clients with the use of online solar leads. 

Finding The Right Solar Lead Generation Company

Solar companies have wasted a lot of money getting the services of a marketing company that does not do its job. 

Data Mining

Choose a company that has a lot of experience in solar data mining. Solar Exclusive has years of homeowner data that has been researched to be used in solar campaigns. This means that they have quality leads that are interested in solar or are financially capable of spending on solar installation. 

Qualifying The Right Leads

Good solar leads company do away with the timewasters if they do not meet the criteria such as having a good credit standing, being a homeowner, and other factors that can filter leads so that your time is not wasted. 

Make Use Of Online Tools

Since having face-to-face meetings are hard to do in today’s pandemic, solar companies must make use of the online platform in promoting solar installation and showing how beneficial converting to solar energy can be. Consultation can be made online through video conference or online meetings. This allows the potential client to ask questions and clarifications about your services. 

Moving to sell solar installation remotely can be challenging. However, your company can adjust to it and your sales team can acquire new skills, learn new tools, in this time where social distancing is a must. Who knows, even after the crisis, you might want to retain remote selling. 

The global community must use this pandemic as a way to get together and learn from each other. This is an even better time to consider pushing solar energy especially to establishments that have a high energy requirement. 

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