July 20, 2024

Denture Maintenance and Hygiene – Things to Remember

A significant number of people in Ottawa are using dentures, and some new wearers are still figuring out how to maintain dentures and provide proper hygiene, which is pretty essential to make sure the dentures last longer and function in the best way possible. 

An implant dentist in Ottawa can give excellent assistance and correct any misalignment. Now, let us have a better look at some great tips and practices for the maintenance and hygiene of dentures.

Daily Cleaning Routine

Much like natural teeth, dentures need regular daily cleaning to get rid of bacteria, food particles, and plaque that are present inside the mouth. Start the routine by rinsing dentures to remove loose debris, use a denture brush that has soft bristles and a cleanser that is non-abrasive in nature, and brush the surfaces gently. It is advised to avoid using regular toothpaste because it can be way too abrasive and possibly cause micro scratches, letting bacteria accumulate.

Proper Storage

When the dentures are not in use, it is suggested to store them properly to retain the shape and prevent drying out, which can be done by soaking them in an antibacterial solution or normal water, but that must not be warm because it can warp. Some special containers made particularly for dentures can be utilized to keep them clean and safe.

Handling Dentures With Care

Dentures are fragile and get easily damaged if too much force is applied or if they slip on a firm surface. It is suggested that a soft folded towel be put on the floor while cleaning to reduce the impact of the dentures’ fall. Avoid using excessive force or bending the clasp or plastic while cleaning.

Night-time Care


It is better and highly suggested that dentures be removed at night to let the mouth tissues and gums breathe and rest. Better to let dentures soak in a cleaning solution during the time to remove stains and bacteria while keeping them moist, which prevents the probability of fungal infections like denture stomatitis.

Preventing Stains and Odors

Some foods and drinks like tea, red wine, coffee, and berries can put stains on the dentures. Smoking also contributes to and causes odors and stains. For prevention, it is suggested to rinse the dentures and mouth after having such meals and let the dentures soak in a cleaning solution to keep them fresh and clean.

Significance of Regular Dental Check-Ups

Regular dental check-ups are a must even for dentures because of the misalignment problems that regularly need to be checked and necessary adjustments need to be made to prevent potential soreness or discomfort because of an ill-fit. Regular check-ups let dentists run a proper check to make sure no infections are in development or other such conditions that can become problematic.