May 20, 2024

Does Laser Hair Removal Get Rid of Hair Permanently?

Laser hair removal has become one of the most popular treatments that give freedom and peace of mind to people from having to remove hair every day. If you just heard about laser hair removal, you may want to ask if laser hair removal will get rid of hair permanently. 

As much as people desire results, they also want a permanent solution to hair removal. With the success rate of laser hair removal, it will be great to know if it will be the permanent solution for hair removal that everyone is looking for. 

Does Laser Hair Removal Get Rid of Hair Permanently?

The most common treatment areas for laser hair removal include the chest, back, legs armpits, arms, bikini line, and face. Hair follicles are responsible for hair growth; no hair can grow without a hair follicle. Given this, the laser hair removal procedure aims to destroy hair follicles under the skin by using the beam of light from the laser device. The procedure damages or destroys hair follicles, making it a long-lasting hair removal method. 

There can be permanent hair removal only when the hair follicle is destroyed. If the hair follicle is damaged during the laser hair removal procedure, hair will regrow. Because it cannot be 100 percent guaranteed that the hair follicle will be destroyed, many practitioners prefer calling laser hair removal a long-term procedure to a permanent solution. 

The question regarding how permanent is laser hair removal usually comes up whenever laser hair removal comes up during a discussion regarding hair removal methods. As stated earlier, a laser hair removal procedure can provide a permanent solution to hair removal. However, if the permanent solution is not achievable due to the failure to destroy hair follicles completely, there will be a long-lasting effect of the procedure. 

Meanwhile, what should be emphasized is that laser hair removal will undoubtedly reduce the amount of hair that grows in the targeted parts. Whether the hair follicles are damaged or destroyed, the amount of hair growth will reduce. And after multiple sessions, all the hair follicles causing hair regrowth may get destroyed. 

Patients can reduce the number of follicles that produce hair by 80 to 90 percent while several follicles may escape the destruction. If you want permanent results, you must be ready for multiple sessions, depending on your hair growth cycle and other factors best known to your dermatologist. 


Laser hair removal offers a non-invasive hair removal solution. The results of the procedure can be either be permanent or long-lasting. However, it is possible to have the permanent effects as desired by undergoing multiple sessions of the procedure.