February 28, 2024

Doing better cybersecurity beyond compliance: A guide for businesses! 

Regardless of variables, cybersecurity is a shared concern for businesses around the world. The increasing number of cyberattacks is alarming to say the least, and it is almost impossible to predict what hackers are going to do next. Cybercriminals and hackers are constantly looking for that one vulnerability that they can exploit. Sometimes it’s a weak password, while in other cases, it could be an outdated firmware version. 

Businesses need to think of cybersecurity beyond compliance, so that they can have a proactive stance, rather than a reactive one. In this post, we are reviewing further on cybersecurity measures that may be handy. 

Make cybersecurity important to everyone

Every employee has access to something important and relevant to cybersecurity. If you really want to prevent a security breach, make everyone responsible. Cybersecurity needs to be a joint effort between departments, teams, and managers. Only when people are aware of the security risks, their role in ensuring cybersecurity, and the possible consequences, you can expect real results

Update all firmware and software 

Manufacturers and vendors are constantly trying to find security issues and vulnerabilities, and to help consumers and businesses, they release new version of software and firmware from time to time. Ensure that all apps and programs, including firmware for IP cameras and video surveillance systems, are updated to the latest version. If you don’t need an app or software anymore, just uninstall it. When it comes to cybersecurity, everyone needs to know these policies and must implement them for their own devices and network resources. 

Focus on password protection

Unfortunately, password protection remains a matter of worry for many businesses, simply because they haven’t established the basic policies. Ensure that your employees and managers are aware of password creation practices and password management. Ensure default passwords are changed right away, and if they are not using a tool for retrieving and creating passwords, recommend them one. A strong and long password is always hard to hack. 

Train your people

Many companies, including small businesses, are now hiring cybersecurity experts to train employees within the organization. Make sure that employees, executives and managers are aware of cyberattacks, social engineering, and other concerns that matter. They also need to know about the best browsing practices and ways to ensure cybersecurity while working from home and their own devices. 

Businesses must also establish cybersecurity policies for BYOD & WFH situations, which may become the new norm in some industries.