February 27, 2024

Easy Home Improvements We Can All Get Behind

Spending more time at home? Make these simple improvements to improve your quality of life…

Lockdowns and closures, job losses and layoffs, have seen more of us spending time at home than ever before. Even those that have joined the newly emerged Work From Home culture, are sealing ourselves away in bedrooms and kitchens to try and get some work done through a satellite office.

With all this in mind, we thought it was high time we looked at some home improvements that can make us all a little happier in the house. For example, something as simply as bringing in the expert deck restoration services to recondition your decks can add special shine into your days.

Let’s talk about easy home improvements and what we can do to better our situation.

How to Improve your Home – Easily

There are multiple ways you can make your home better. Try these tips out and see how you get on.

1 – Mirrors!

One of the things we love most is a good mirror. Bathroom mirrors, especially. What we don’t love? Trying to hang them without making a hole in the tiles. We recommend that you install some sweeping, full-length mirrors, to enhance the space of your bathroom. We also suggest that you buy some Sugru moldable rubber, so that you can hang them onto the tiles without damaging them.

2 – Shelves!

Shelves, just like mirrors, add depth to a room. Not only do they do that, but they give you extra storage space. They don’t necessarily add to the value of your property, but they do make potential buyers feel better about storage. 

Adding a few corner shelves or making use of untapped garage space to shelve up, could bring you the satisfaction you have been looking for. Get your goods off the floor and onto the wall, that way, you can fill all the surfaces you freed up with rubbish again.

3 – The Garden Room

Have you considered a hot tub? A home hot tub or small pool is a great way to perk up your home – if you can afford it. You may even buy an inflatable one, which costs a fraction of the price but brings about the same results. A home hot tub makes your garden into an extra room and a place you long to get to after work… even if your work is in the study.

4 – The Garden Shed

As well as putting a home hot tub in there, you might consider adding a home office via way of a small shed or outhouse. The garden shed isn’t what it used to be, and it doesn’t have to be for tools, either. It could be a changing room, a studio for the budding artist, or sound-proofed for a teenage drummer. Whatever you use it for, it’s better than dead space.

5 – A Fragrant Garden

Finally, add some scent into your life with the fresh smelling bounty of a garden bouquet. Everyone loves to smell fresh flowers so, unless you are allergic, a few well-placed plants can change your mood for the better. Don’t have a garden? Window boxes work just as well!

Rounding Up

Follow these top tips and you should have a better home in no time!