April 24, 2024

FAQ About Ceramic Tiles

Today we will be busting some myths and answering some frequently asked questions about ceramic tiles.

1) Ceramic vs porcelain tiles, which is better?

The basic difference is due to how the tiles are made. Ceramic is clay and minerals giving an aesthetic texture while porcelain tiles are made of porcelain and minerals burned at 1200 degrees Celsius for the right homogenous look. Either tile is good; it depends on where you plan on using them.

2) How to buy the right number of tiles?

First of all, you will need the area of the surface that needs to be tiled. Now, keep in mind that some pieces might get damaged while or post installation and it gets difficult to find the same exact tiles after making the purchase. Adding 15% extra tiles to the required count is suggested.

3) Can we switch the floor and wall tiles?

Ideally, we wouldn’t suggest that. Tiles meant for flooring are extra durable as compared to wall tiles; also, there are other factors like design, shape, and pricing. Speak with your contractor before making such a decision.

4) Is it okay to place new tiles over the old ones?

You might be able to save costs initially because you wouldn’t have to remove the old flooring. However, in the long run, it decreases the room’s height; you might have to resize doors to gain functionality among other things. Once again, think long term and discuss the pros and cons with your renovator.

5) Are ceramic tiles slippery?

Tiles, in general, aren’t slippery but wet tiles lose resistance and might tend to get more slippery than suitable. You can look into the coefficient of friction of the tiles; this will help you choose tiles suitable for indoors, outdoors, and specifically the bathroom area.

6) Can you paint on tiles?

Yes, it is possible to get the tiles painted; you will need different types of paints though. The paint needs to be highly adhesive to stick to such smooth surfaces.

7) Can we drill holes in tiles?

Drilling over hammering, always. With proper tools, you can cut, shape, and drill your tiles without causing damage.

So, here’s the quick FAQ and answers on ceramic tiles. For more insight log on to Céramiques Carreaux Metro and get more details about the same. For expert consultation, quotations, and help please feel free to reach out! Happy tiling.