April 17, 2024

FAQs To Ask Potential Flooring Contractor Without Hesitation 

Choose a trusted flooring contractor to ensure that the work done fulfill your standards. The task needs skills and creativity. It means the chosen contractor will play a key role in how the home looks.

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FAQs to ask the potential flooring contractor

Are you licensed and insured?

A contractor that carries a license and insurance reveals how legal and trustworthy the person is. Besides, the insurance even covers you, if anything goes wrong during the task on your premises. Unexpected things occur like someone getting hurt or a pipe bursting and there is a flood or equipment catching fire.

It even offers protection in scenarios where the contractor damages property or denies finishing the job. So, never hesitate to ask if the potential contractor carries a valid license and insurance.

Even find out if the license is not expired because renewing it is expensive. Everyone cannot afford license renewal, so this is another aspect to look up!

What kind of license and insurance do you carry?

There is a contractor license, plumbing license, and an electrician license. All need different skills. As you are hiring for flooring project ensure that the person has the proper license. If it is a kitchen project then whoever takes care of the gas lines and water disconnection must have the appropriate license [plumbing license].

The reason is that if the contractor is unlicensed and reconnects the gas line improperly and you reside in an apartment then imagine the disaster. You are not just in control of your apartment but the adjoining ones in your building.

Do you carry worker’s compensation?

Licensing requirement differs from country to country and state to state. For example, in New York, there is a contractor license requirement. The person must have worker’s comp but it is not necessary for every state.

Therefore ask the contractor to be sure because if you don’t have it and a worker gets hurt then YOU will be liable to pay their medical bills and missed income. You don’t want to be liable!

What can go wrong during the project?

You can easily find local tradesmans in Sydney from Bleen because it is a dedicated online business directory. However, it is essential to ask the right question in a face-to-face meeting. The quotes give an idea of what is included and what they want you to do but there can be unanticipated concerns on the sub-floor. It can only be assessed after the carpet or tile is ripped off.

There is no way the professionals can tell what is beneath the floor covering. So ask them what can go wrong and the cost to repair it. It allows you to have a little contingency fund made available to cover such situations.

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