May 22, 2024

Film Reviews and Your Receptions on it

The Film Reviews aim to recommend, to a greater or lesser extent, the viewing of a film. Since a spectator, no matter how cinephile, cannot see all the films, he must decide which ones to watch and which ones to ignore. For this, it has tools such as synopses, trailers or information about those who have made this film: director, actors, producers, etc. Another of these tools, and in our opinion the most interesting, are Film Reviews. The use of the on demand reviews come easy here.

The Format of the Review

A Film Review is always subjective, but in no case should it be limited to expressing the critic’s mere opinion. The latter must combine opinion and information, and his general assessment of the film cannot be linked exclusively to his personal taste.

  • For this reason, we consider that the quality of Film Reviews does not reside solely in its adaptation to our tastes. That is, a criticism will not be good just because it coincides with the personal tastes of a viewer, or bad when the opposite situation occurs. The real value of a Criticism will be found in his arguments.
  • The Film Reviews are not intended to be dogmas, nor are they intended to teach in any way. They are analyzes and opinions that we humbly make available to the user, and which we hope will be useful to you.

The Scores

You can consult the scoring guide, with which we intend that all the editors score according to the same degree of requirement.

Cinema has the ability to open our eyes. We believe that our relationship with the world is direct, that there is no mediation between us and the world we observe. However, the way in which we perceive the world is determined, first, by the world itself and its materiality and second, by everything that we have in our heads. We see with the mind, not with the eyes.

  • Perception is a work of encounter between those who look and what is looked at and we do not see the world objectively.
  • When we see cinema, we are able to see those things that we are, one, prepared to see and two, that we want to see.

It is like when someone asks you to go find some keys, and you cannot find them, because your brain made a mental image of the keys that you are looking for, so even if they are in front of your eyes you cannot see them. In this sense, one looks according to expectations.

How we perceive the world has to do with the experience we have. On the one hand we have the stimuli that come through the senses and on the other hand we have what we know about the world.

Last Words

When they came to this side of Latin America, the indigenous people who saw the Spanish were said to have thought they were gods. Imagine the scene: they with their dark hairless bodies, have never seen a horse and they see these guys in armor, with furry faces and with the smell of having spent months on a boat and riding a horse. There was no one in their world that they could relate to, so they sent him into the world of the supernatural.