June 16, 2024

Five Personalised Gifts For Your Partner On Your First Anniversary

Firsts are always special, be it your first day at school, first college crush, first job interview, or your first wedding anniversary. While in most of our firsts we are alone (while experiencing them), but our first wedding anniversary is a joy that we share with our partner. And when we talk about the first marriage anniversary in detail, what comes first in our mind is the bond a couple shares.

Now, to make your first wedding anniversary celebrations a bit more special, how about planning gifts that take you and your partner back to cherishable old memories? Sounds great, right? So, to help you win your partner’s heart one more time, here is a list of some quirky and personalised gifts. Let’s explore-

  1. A 12-month Journal- Well, this is going to be one of the best-personalised gifts for the first anniversary. You can make this journal at home, or you can buy it online. Websites offering personalised gifts onlineare full of such pretty journals. This gift will not just leave your partner in awe, but will also help you both relive all those happy moments you guys have spent together.
  2. A Free-style Wedding Portrait- Another gift that will express your immense love for your partner would be a hand-painted portrait. You can dig out one of the best pictures from your wedding photo collection and try to imitate the same on canvas. Add a hand-written message to this and get it framed for a better result. We bet, your partner would be in tears after such a personal gesture by you.
  3. A Couple Cookbook- If you and your partner are one of those mushy couples who finds it romantic to cook meals together, then here is the catch for you. Buy a couple-special cookbook wherein the list includes dishes that can be easily prepared at home. Jazz up this cookbook with two chef hats with your and your partner’s name engraved on them.
  4. A Monogram Watch- A wristwatch is something that is very cliche as an anniversary gift. Twist that and buy a pocket watch with the monogram of your partner’s name initial. As the craze of personalised gifts is at its peak, everyone looks for a gift that is better than the other. And a pocket watch with your partner’s initials on it is surely something out of the box.
  5. A Customised Wedding Puzzle- This is going to be a fun gift. All you need is get one of your favourite pictures from the wedding, printed on an A3 sized thick sheet. Now from a local printing workshop, you can get this A3 size sheet cut into a jigsaw puzzle. Get all the pieces in a box, tie it with a ribbon and a funny note. Present it to your partner and sit with him/her to solve this. The time you two spend on this would give you another chance to make more fun memories.

We hope that all these personalised gifts would be of any help to you. If yes, then please do tell us what gift you think is the best and we will see you next time. Till then, sayonara!