February 28, 2024

Full Body Workout at Home – Few Useful Tips

If you are planning to tone and transform your entire body, in that case, you need to go for a full body fitness workout at home. What exactly is meant by a full body workout? As the name suggests, it’s a workout regime, which engages all the areas of your body, and helps you to lose fat from them and the same time, ensure that they get in proper shape and are well toned. A full body workout, if done with proper intensity, can prove to be very effective and would result, within a very short span of time. What’s more, it can be done at home. In the following section of this article, you will be offered a brief insight into various important aspects, as far as full body workout at home is concerned.

Full Body Home Workout Plan

If you are looking for a full body workout and fat burning secrets, at home, in that case, you need to remember that you won’t be having access to most of the equipment which are available at the gym. However, there are ways to compensate for the non availability of the equipment. In this section, you will be given few important tips, which would help you, with your full body work out regime at home.

  • Cardio Workout: Your every single workout needs to begin with an intense session of cardio; and should last for at least 20 minutes. Here are some of the items which you need to incorporate into your cardio workout schedule.


  • Spot Jogging, for at least 10 minute
  • Jumping jacks, ,as many as you can
  • Mountain climbing, till you don’t run out of your breath
  • Bar pies

 Cardio is important, because it not only helps to burn body fat, but at the same time, improves your stamina and endurance. Besides, when it comes to improving your core strength, cardio workouts can prove to be very useful

  • Resistance Workouts: Resistance workouts are those which exerts stress and pressure on different muscle groups and help in toning them. Here are a couple of resistance workouts which can be useful for you
  • Pushups: Pushups are very useful, when it comes to targeting your chest, bicep and shoulders. Besides, they also help to improve your back muscles as well. It is important to maintain the right posture and do as many repetitions as possible
  • Squad: Squad is another workout which helps you improve your core strength. However, the primary areas which it targets are your legs.
  • Upper, Lower, Middle and Side Abs: Looking for packs? In that case, you need to dedicate at least 15 minutes on a daily basis on your abs. There are three primary areas of your abs which you need to focus on, and there are different sets of workouts available for them. Here is an insight for you
  • Upper Abs: For targeting the upper abs, the best option for you would be the crunches. Maximum repetition is the key
  • Lower Abs: One of the most effective workout, as far as lower abs is concerned, is leg rising.
  • Side Abs: Looking to tone your side abs? Side bending, with maximum repletion is the best option available to you.

 Apart from these, when it comes to abs, trying bicycle crunches, can also prove to be very effective. Bicycle crunches, effectively targets your entire ab.

These are few home based workouts which you can try targeting your entire body. However, you need to remember that in order to achieve the desired results, you need to be persistent and focused. The results won’t show over night. It would require your patience and perseverance.