May 23, 2024

Get the construction accident attorney you need

Construction is your industry, and you work hard at it. Your expertise and experience have given you all that you need to do your job safely. However, you cannot control everything onsite. The company that has employed you must do its part to minimize risk to your safety. They must also ensure that you have first-aid kits and other tools and equipment to respond quickly to accidents.

If you have been in an accident on your construction job, then you should seek compensation from your employer. Hiring a construction accident attorney will help you get the money you deserve.

Accidents onsite can come in various forms. You may be hit with a large and heavy object, fall to the ground, suffer electrocution, or some other grievous incident. When this happens, you must get to the nearest hospital to undergo an examination. Even if you don’t believe you have been badly injured, you should have yourself checked out. The only way to know for sure is to have yourself assessed by a medical professional.

If you are seriously injured on the job, you will need to undergo treatment. You will also need time to get well. At some point, you will need to start thinking about money. You are entitled to worker’s comp. Worker’s comp benefits vary, but your company should offer you pay for a limited time, access to medical care, and time to recover from your injuries. Most companies require proof of an employee’s injury before they provide workers’ comp, which is a reasonable request. What is unreasonable is for a company to set criteria that makes it almost impossible to qualify for such benefits or to insist that you be evaluated and treated by the physician they choose and no one else.

If you believe that you are being unjustly denied worker’s compensation benefits, then you should contact a lawyer.

It is important to get the right lawyer for your case. The first thing to look for is expertise and experience. You need a workers’ comp lawyer who specializes in this field of law. The codes and statutes concerning workers’ comp can be complex. If you must go up against the company, they will use every loophole and technicality they can find to their advantage. A lawyer who has dedicated their practice to fighting for injured workers like you will be familiar with the legal manuevers used by companies to get around paying what they owe.

You also want to work with a lawyer who has a high rate of success. This can be measured in two ways: the number of court cases won and the amount of settlement money awarded. Not every workers’ comp cases go to trial. Most such disputes are settled out of court through negotiation. The latter is a preferable path in that it will save you stress, anxiety, and legal fees. The lawyer you choose should be adept at investigating the circumstances of work-related accidents and bring enough evidence to bear against their respondents to get them to settle. This is the kind of aggressive, intelligent, and tough-minded professional you need to fight your corner.

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