February 27, 2024

Get the trendy summer look with Mirror Eyewear.

‘’Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?’’ We all have heard these lines from the story of ‘Snow White and the seven dwarfs’’. But what about the mirror covering your eyes? The luminous mirror on your face? Let us put an end to the suspense, we are talking about the Mirror Eyewear. Exactly, they are commonly known as Mirrored Sunglasses.

Yes, the same sunglasses that consist of lenses with mirror effect on them. Such glasses are not new in the fashion circle. But are made highly popular by cops in the United States. Thus they are casually called ‘’cop shades’’. Apart from the policemen, mirror glasses are the first choice of sportspersons. You might have seen Formula one drivers, Cricket players, bikers etc sporting such mirror sunglasses. What is so unique about these glasses is that they are easily identified due to the mirror on the lenses.  The shape, material or colour of these sunglasses with designer frames may vary. 

How does Mirror eyewear look like?

They are just like any other designer sunglasses, usually, the lenses are fit in the metallic frame.  However, nowadays, the frames are available in plastic material also. They come in multiple shapes like aviator, wraparound, wayfarer etc.  The purpose is to provide maximum protection to the eyes. They can also be referred to as the protective sunglasses that contain lenses with the mirror coating.

What makes the mirror eyewear shine so bright?

These designer sunglasses consist of a thin film of metals such as titanium, chromium, nickel etc.  The mirror effect is visible on the outer surface of the lenses in such a way that the person opposite to you can view his image on the sunglasses. On the contrary, it gives a normal view to the wearer as the mirror effect is absent in the inner surface. 

On a funny note, you can take them off to look at your face, style your hair, or put on your lip gloss when you do not have a mirror handy on the wall, car or in your handbag.

Earlier the mirror sunglasses used to react with the moisture and deteriorate especially in the saltwater. However, the latest advanced version glasses are of better quality and do not lose the shine or mirror coating on the lenses.

Are they safe?

Many myths and false rumours claim that mirror sunglasses may spoil the eyes and can alter the prescription due to glare. These are all untrue stories. No one till date has ever suffered any issues with mirror lens sunglasses. 

Who are the trusted manufacturers of Mirror Sunglasses?

Do not get trapped by the ‘’low cost poor quality’’ sunglasses that have mirror lenses. It is recommended that you should always buy sunglasses from trusted manufacturers. We are talking about Specscart that has gained popularity amongst masses within a couple of years of launch.  Talking about the reliability, Specscart manufactures their own eyeglasses at their state of the art laboratory.

Specscart is the one place where you will get designer frames for your mirror lens sunglasses at affordable prices. So whether you select designer sunglasses, prescription sunglasses or varifocal sunglasses, you get everything at Specscart. Their stores as well as online market stores have thousands of eyewear.  Reliability and protection have never been an issue with Specscart. The mirror sunglasses are effective against blocking 100% of Ultraviolet rays and glares. 

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