May 22, 2024

Get Water Worlds & Ferrari Rides Offers for Utmost Thrill

Do you want adventure in your life? Do you feel that your life lacks the thrill and enjoyment? Well, then you need to introduce something like a visit to a wonderful rides park. Yes, have you ever thought about going to Yas water world? Come on, if you are a lover of parks, rides and fun then you must not miss out on it.

In case you feel that it would be too expensive for you then you are mistaken. You can always avail Yas water world offers and ensure that you get the entry and experience at a rate that does not hit your budget. After all, it is about you getting the best experience. Of course, there are platforms that can get you the coupons, offers and deals that would ensure that you have a wonderful and satisfying time.

Do You Know?

Do you have any idea that yas Water world broke the official Guinness record recently for the Most Nationalities in a Swimming Pool as part of their moves to celebrate the Year of Tolerance?  Of course , it did!  A full number of one hundred twenty nationalities a crew together to this waterpark to tear off the record.  Well, it is not just about the record but the real life experience and fun that you get there. In this post you would get to know about a few of the amazing rides of yas water world that you must not miss out once you are there.

Liwa Loop

This is one of the most adored and best waterslides in Yas Water world with a huge drop. The only difference is you are not going to be willingly sliding though. Yes, you will need to stand in a capsule wherein the floor would disappear. Yes, the way the thought of it gets you anxiety, it is going to be a thrilling one for you. The thrill level of this ride is absolutely extreme. For this, the person should have minimum weight of forty kgs and maximum weight of 136kgs. If you think that you fall in this category then you must give this ride a try for sure.

Jebel Drop: A Ride for Thrill Admirers

It is believed to be one of the finest and one of the most thrilling rides of yas water world.  It is a waterslide that owns a heart-stopping drop as the attendees are sliding through to enjoy the scenic views of the whole waterpark.  If you talk about the thrill level of this ride, it is absolutely extreme.   And for this ride, the participant should own minimum height of 1.2 m. And the person should not be more than Max weight of 136 KG.

Cannon Point

Then it is also an amazing and exciting activity for the kids. Here, the kids get the opportunity to fire water cannons at Bandit Bomber riders. But if you are planning to send your kids for this amazing activity, don’t forget to tell them that these riders possess their own set of water cannons too and might return fire. The thrill Level of this activity is Low  and there is no minimum height restriction there. But yes, children under the ages of 0.9m should be accompanied by an adult.

Tot’s Playground

It is one of the most amazing attractions  ofYas water world for kids. It is a playground having an infant pool. It has a proper fun space for parents and even their little ones to stay active together in the splendid waterpark.  It is a full bonanza for the kids.Here, children under 1.1m should be accompanied by an adult and also  thrill Level of this ride or activity is Low. Also keep in mind that there is minimum height requirement for this and that is 150-210 cm.

Are there any amazing Family Rides?

Yes, it is not just about kids, there are amazing family rides too.  You can enjoy these rides with your family members. A few of these rides are like:


In case you are a person who want to hunt more fun and relaxation then this is one for you. thisYadiYaspeppy river is the ideal one  to experience for sure. You would get a chance to sit on a doughnut and then simply cruise along the action-packed waves of this river. Make sure that you hold on tight for the proper balance.  The thrill level of this ride is somewhat between medium to high.  In this ride, children under 1.1m should be accompanied by an adult.

Amwaj Wave Pool

You know what, this has been the first YasWater worldfascinations that you get to witness when you enter the park. This is somewhat more relaxed counterpart to that of YadiYas. You can simply unwind in the water as the tranquil waves take you across pool.  The thrill level of this ride is somewhat medium.

Water Wards for a Playful Fighting Experience

Do you want to challenge a friend  or a family member to a water-balloon fight? Well, you know what this is an activity meant for you. Water Wars is one of the fascinations in Yas Water world that gets  you the chance to do just that.  You would get the balloons to fight with your friend or loved one and have fun and enjoyment filled fights. There is going to be medium level of thrill in this activity of combat.

Marah Fortress

This is an activity that is packed with zig-zag slides, dumping buckets, splashing water cannons and more. Apparently, it is amidst the rides of yas water world that is filled with unlimited fun and thrill for the attendees. You go there and you are going to forget all your worries and stress. You can get some thrill that is enjoyable, comfortable, and fun filled.


So, the point is if you are a lover of thrill, enjoyment, relaxation and fun with your loved ones and friends then you should keep on explore the options in different rides and ferrari rides.  You can always find the best offers like that of Yas water world and ferrari world offers. Go ahead and taste the different levels of thrills right away.