April 24, 2024

Great Mexican Jewelry Choices for You

Like most other accessories, it’s not always easy to know which silver jewelry to choose. If you want to offer a bracelet or a silver ring, you will find here some tips for choosing your present. If you don’t know which earrings or bracelet to wear with your outfit, you will also find useful information below.

The Criteria to Take Into Account

To choose a piece of jewelry, whether in silver or gold, there are a number of criteria that you can take into account:

The size of the jewel: chain length, bracelet circumference, ring size for a ring with mexican silver. Silver necklaces, rings and bracelets should be chosen neither too small nor too large. If you cannot try on the jewel before buying it, take your measurements yourself, with a tape measure for example.

The price of the jewel: your budget can be part of your criteria to take into account, whether for yourself or for a gift. It will also help you choose from different pieces that you like.

Style: discreet or exuberant, simple or with stones, design or classic, graphic or stylized opt for a silver jewel that you can easily wear with most of your outfits.

The color: silver can be more or less dark gray and smooth. When it is rhodium-plated, it shines a lot, much more than “natural”. It’s up to you to see what you prefer.

The Quality of the Metal

To choose your silver jewelry, also check the quality of the metal. In jewelry, you will be provided with a certificate of authenticity on which is indicated in particular the silver content of your jewelry. Indeed, this one will never be in solid silver, but in alloy of different metals, which is essential for it to be hard and resistant. The same goes for gold. Most often, quality jewelry is made from 925 silver, which is also referred to as 22k Sterling Silver. When the jewel is large enough, it is engraved with the number 925, or even with a hallmark.

Timeless Silver Jewelry

Here is some of the timeless mexican jewelry. With these pieces, you are sure to make the right choice, whether for yourself or for a gift, to a man or a woman:

The silver chain: with an average length of 45 cm, the silver chain is ideal for both men and women. It can be worn alone or with a pendant, also in silver, or a fine or precious stone.

The silver curb chain: it is the ideal bracelet for men and for children. Discreet and personalized with its plate that can be engraved, this bracelet is available in a multitude of styles thanks to a large choice of links.

Thin silver rings: Mexican silver rings are always easy to wear and choose. You just need to select the right size. And they pair easily with many other jewelry, silver and gold.

The silver signet ring: a ring that is often worn by men, but also by women.

Silver earrings: sober and discreet, with these earrings, you are sure to make the right choice.

Silver hoops: they are still as fashionable as ever, as are dangling earrings. Choose small hoops for discretion or XXL jewelry for a very trendy style.

According To Your Preferences

First of all, let yourself be seduced by the Mexican jewelry, whether in silver, yellow gold, pink gold or white gold. A model that you like will necessarily reflect a part of your personality. Some people swear by yellow gold, a symbol of luxury, elegance and refinement. Others prefer the sobriety of silver or white gold. Finally, if you want a piece of jewelry that combines originality and femininity, rose gold is for you. And know that it is quite possible to wear jewelry of different colors and metals. It’s all about style and harmony.