February 26, 2024

Handy Explains How to Give Your Home Vintage Look


Even the most stubborn and pragmatic modernists can’t shield themselves from the vintage charm and want to mimic the good old style in their homes. According to Handy, the distinct style of the Victorian era or a forgotten age where craftsmanship enriched your soul is hard to be replicated by clean modern designs. Fortunately, you can replicate the charming vintage look at least partially without breaking the bank. Here’s how:

The Details

  1. Real paintings – Printing a painting or modern art is convenient and cost-effective. However, during the old times, printing technology didn’t exist, or at least wasn’t available to most, and hence printed art doesn’t feel real. A real painting is filled with imperfections and the texture created by painted brush strokes registers something human in your brain. You really feel the soul breathed by the artist inside the painting and that reflects on the overall look of your home. 
  2. Use Lime Wash Paint – Your wall is flat, dry, and looks too smooth. That is helpful for observing human ingenuity and scientific advancement that has brought us to this era. But it doesn’t really breathe the soul into your home. Faux finishes also look forced and can’t really create the vintage look you want in your home. Instead, you can try out painting your walls with lime-wash. The mineral-based paint creates natural texture and adds a lot of character and movement for your walls.  
  3. Buy furniture from various eras – Whenever we think about adding historical character to our homes, antiques are the obvious and primary choice. However, the obsession with mid-century modern furnishing has made every home with that decor style look and feel the same. In fact, real furniture used during that decade predated that era by a long margin. If you want to achieve the same warm look for your home, try mixing up furniture from different eras. 
  4. Go organic, not limited to food – Our dream homes of undetermined era weren’t filled with fabrics and furniture pieces made from dinosaur carcasses. Synthetic blends and plastic that litters the planet and your home brings down the overall quality of the look you are trying to achieve. So, take your time and replace that furniture and linens gradually with pieces made from solid wood with an organic finish and fabrics made from real wool or high-quality linen. 
  5. Swap out modern hardware – One of the easiest and inexpensive ways to achieve that warm vintage look is to swap out your modern hardware with classic options. The brushed nickel hardware isn’t going to look good when you pair them up with kitchen cabinets and closets that have an organic finish. Classic knobs and pulls are a better choice and widely available on the internet.


Handy believes that classic vintage look really enriches your home and is kind of an escape for many from the modern sharp lines and smooth structures. A detailed vintage home decor has its own charm and would instantly become a conversation piece with new guests.