June 16, 2024

Hardwood Flooring Installation Mistakes You Must Avoid

Hardwood floors are a traditional beauty. Nothing makes your house look as warm and charming as the right hardwood flooring would make it look. However, when it comes to any kind of flooring installation, it’s important to take care of its installation process, cleaning, and maintenance. Right from the installation process to cleaning up once the task is done, homeowners make a few common mistakes which you should be careful about. Below given are some such mistakes.

  • Choosing the wrong wood 

The first thing you have to decide is how would your choice of wood fit into the interior decor of your house. Whichever wood you choose to install, it must enhance the look of the room. If your house has more members and the floor experiences high traffic, go for harder wood like maple or hickory. If you choose light coloured wood, it would help you hide scratches and dents. If your room already is spacious with more windows and doors, you must choose a darker coloured hardwood floor to sustain sun damage. No matter what your choice is, it would reflect your lifestyle and preferences. So choose wisely.

  • Not Preparing the Subfloor

Laying hardwood floors on an uneven subfloor would cost you more in the long run. Before you install a new hardwood floor, make sure the subfloor is in proper condition to provide good support to your new layer of wood. If the subfloor is wet or not properly placed, it would structurally damage the hardwood floor. Hence, the first step to a proper hardwood flooring installation is to ensure the subfloor is dry, free of debris, and even.

  • Hiring the Cheapest Contractor

Hardwood installation is a long term investment. So make sure you do not compromise on the quality of the installation. Getting the work done by any random installation company isn’t a good decision at all. Cheap contractors never do their tasks easily. Flooring installation is hard work, that needs precision, experience, and knowledge. Always hire the best hardwood flooring company when it is about your home.

Often homeowners hire a general contractor to inspect the installation process. Flooring installation requires a flooring specialist to be hired. A flooring specialist is an expert in this field and any general contractor would not be able to guide you in a way a flooring specialist would do. Also, make sure to use proper cleaning solutions to clean up the floor once the work is done.