May 22, 2024

Here Are 5 Key Benefits of Joining a Travel and Lifestyle Reward Program For Earning Miles


A Mile program offers multiple benefits even if you are not a regular traveller. It helps you earn points in the miles or rewards form that you can use for various purposes. Read further to find the proven benefits of a mile program.


A Mile Program is a loyalty program that offers numerous benefits in exchange for nothing. Moreover, it has a Tier system that helps you get more benefits as you rise higher up. Apart from earning a free flight, below are the other benefits of being a member.

5 Key Benefits of Joining a Travel and Lifestyle Reward Program are

  1. It is Free to Join: Not all but some programs do not charge any money for joining. While the paid programs come with some added perks, the free ones are easier to get started with. Moreover, the tier systems in these programs ensure that you are rewarded based on your frequency of transaction and the miles you earn.
  2. Complimentary Vouchers: Joining a mile program not just helps in earning miles, but it also comes with complimentary vouchers such as seat selection or in-flight meals. As you upgrade your tier, you are rewarded with more vouchers. Needless to say, enough miles can even help you upgrade your cabin.
  3. Earn Miles in Various Other ways: With a travel and lifestyle reward program, it is not necessary to book a flight to earn miles. These programs allow members to earn miles on a host of travel or lifestyle-related activities. Hence, you can earn miles on a wide variety of transactions you make. Shopping online, filling fuel in your car or even spending a day at your favourite spa can earn you some miles.
  4. Airport Lounge Access: Waiting for boarding announcement after clearing security can be quite tiring and boring. However, being a member of a mile program can allow you to have free lounge access. You can enjoy a beverage or have a meal for free or just relax in reclining chairs till boarding starts. However, do note that you might not get lounge access if you are new to the program. If you do wish to have this benefit right from the beginning, sign up for a co-brand credit card that allows you lounge access.
  5. Flight Amenities: Just in case you don’t have enough miles to book a flight for free, use your miles to upgrade your cabin and enjoy the extra benefits. For instance, while booking a Delhi to Mumbai Flight, you can use the miles you have to get extra legroom and more comfortable reclining chairs in a business class to make your journey comfortable.

As discussed above, joining a travel and lifestyle loyalty program has a lot of benefits. If you are not a regular flyer, collect your miles and use them whenever you fly. So, become a member now, start earning miles, and accrue all the benefits offered by the program. When joining a mile program, select one that lets you earn miles from a wide range of airlines and offers benefits as mentioned above.