June 16, 2024


 Located in Colorado, sports medicine Meeker, Colorado is a special medical center focused on the physical well-being of people either athletes or just regular people. We see to it that any sort of injury sustained by our patients is well attended to liberate them from such pains. It’s never just for athletes although they make up the bulk of people who get injured the most because they get their body to be very active just to play the games. It’s is all part of their job, at sports medicine meeker Colorado we take pride in our treatment of various injuries be it minor cuts or some joint issues.

We have some of the best medical teams available anywhere such as Dr. Kevin Borchard, Gregg.G.Martyak, Dan ward. All these great minds and more are the reason we can say with great confidence that we have the best medical personnel at sports medicine meeker Colorado. This is because our doctor performs some of the best surgeries in the medical field with about a 95 percent success rate.

Whatever kind of injury that is brought to us by our patients it’s well-taken care of this is so mostly for sporting activities. Most of the time these athletes are injured one way or another, it is best they know what we offer here is vast beyond the usual scope we treat hip, knee, shoulder, back pains. When they have gone beyond normal pain and now are persistent to a point where surgery is needed we are available including spine surgery. All this and more are some of the things we do at sports medicine meeker Colorado we do them well to a high degree of success.

If it is so bad that surgery could be required we go through the surgery, in any part of the body such as the shoulder, knee, including the spine. Our specialists replace such damaged places with artificial implants to reduce the pain of our patients I can say it again that we are the best at sports medicine meeker Colorado.