July 20, 2024

How Are Reviews Helpful for Small Businesses?

Millions of business reviews are being posted online every day. It gives a clear indication about how important the reviews are, not just for big corporate companies and, but even for small businesses. Business owners will need to monitor their online review scores for ensuring long term success. It is necessary to get familiar with what customers or the public say about your company on different review sites. 

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Besides a well-designed and maintained website, small businesses need to encourage their customers to leave feedback. 

Top reasons reviews are helpful

Your brand gets more exposure

The online reviews influence search engine results and also your prospective customers. They are great SEO ranking boosters. The reviews from many sites are taken into consideration, before the local search ranking for your website gets determined. 

Local shoppers make their buying decision-based on review data. For example, 100,000+ developers like Microsoft, Apple, in-car navigation systems, and real estate apps, make use of Yelp reviews alone. 

Builds your business credibility

According to a survey, more than 87% of customers trust the reviews found online similar to personal recommendations. Great reviews about your business allow a potential customer to make a purchase decision. If there are a lot of negative reviews, hardly any consumer will take risks willingly. 

Even negative feedback is valuable

Reviews give a different perception of your brand from a consumer’s outlook. What consumers like about your brand, and also about the limitations on which you need improve. No one knows about your brand better than those who bought from you. So, you need to monitor reviews that can do you well, because issues can get fixed as soon as possible, before they cause huge damages. 

Even negative reviews can be valuable because displaying 5/5 reviews create suspicions. You need to professionally and promptly respond to the negative reviews. If you ignore the complaints, the customer feel more frustrated, and even other customers will know that the feedback went unanswered. 

Assess the issues associated with a dissatisfied customer, and work with them mutually to come up with a solution. It shows you care about their opinion and wish to resolve the problem. Bad feedback is an opportunity to earn an unsatisfied customer back. It will help you get several new customers with your superior and impressive customer service. 

Connect with online customers

Small businesses operate on a personal level. You personally have a good relationship with your local customers as you belong to the neighborhood. They visit you often. Online reviews help to connect with customers. You can leave a like or a thank you or respond to their reviews about your business. Prospective customers sense your personality reading your interactions. 

Set fear aside and embrace the power of reviews. Fear of bad feedback can hamper your small business growth. Remember, you cannot please every customer. Having a few positive reviews will speak a lot about your brand, when supported with great customer service.