February 27, 2024

How Bucks party packages can make things easy for the best men

What is the most important duty that a best man has? It’s the bucks party. Every groom deserves a proper send off and a bucks party is the best thing you can do to make your mate enjoy the last day of freedom before he ties the knot and is forever tied to his wife. Party of the bucks party tradition are the strippers. A lot of strip clubs make most of their money by offering packages for bucks party groups. A lot of strip clubs have packages for this but not all are as good as they need to be. Before you book an event like that at a strip club you should know what you can expect to get. It costs money, time and may even cost your reputation, so it pays to know what it is you are exactly signing up for. 

Strip clubs are popular with bucks parties. When you solicit the services of an event planner make sure that you have all the information about what their bucks party packages include. Many would assume that strippers would be part of the activities but sometimes, event planners leave details out and whilst you may think that strippers will be part of the package, you could be wrong. A lot of clubs offer their own packages but make sure that you aren’t just paying for space to hang out with your mates but that the space will include beautiful, naked ladies performing for your pleasure. Ask questions about the activities a package would have or you might end up just paying for tables and chair and over-inflated alcohol. Some clubs will have strippers but they may not necessarily be the best that the club has to offer. Some strip club Bucks party packages may include a DJ or some comical activity where the bachelor is the butt of all the jokes that flow. But seriously, anyone who goes to a strip club expects to see naked dancing girls. The music is secondary, that isn’t exactly a good value proposition for a bucks night.

A strip club bucks night out should be different than a regular strip club outing. You shouldn’t flag any of the girls to give you some attention. The package should at least guarantee a lap dance or a VIP area for the buck. Know what you’ve paid for upfront and watch your wallets. Booze and naked women is a heady combination and you might find yourself reaching for the credit card so the good times keep rolling. Bucks party strippers will perform for you as long as you keep tipping them but when you are tapped out, the smiles and seductive looks dim and they move in to the next guy. 

Don’t try and bend the rules but follow them

Strip clubs have certain rules that serve both the strippers and the clients. It’s fine to get drunk but that should not turn you into an obnoxious jerk.

The Bottom line

Every bucks party planning company is different. Bucks party strippers have different levels of comfort. Respect her space, treat her decently and you will not be sorry, cross the line and you will end up with a hard smack across your face.