July 20, 2024

How does Watching Anime make you Smarter?

Though the birthplace of anime is Japan, yet the world is going gaga over the amazing hand-drawn and computer art audio-visual presentations in the form of series or movies. You can watch anime dub on OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Hulu, and more. On YouTube and a few other websites such as 123anime, animelab, anime-planet, etc. watching anime for free is possible.

Initially, anime was created to entertain kids and young teens. With time, the concept of anime movies evolved and now we get to watch spectacular anime series and movies for grownups too. Besides enjoying the action movies by Guy Ritchie, Michael Bay, or Quentin Tarantino- you can also upgrade your watchlist with the latest action or romance animation movies along with other genres.

You can be smarter by watching amazing anime movies or series. Here’s know-how

Explore through unknown & unexpected information 

To quench your thirst for knowing different things happening across the world in your life, animations can play an important role. Surely, by watching Anime you get to know a lot about people, culture, and unexpected things that people have to deal with that you’re not aware of.

For instance, if you don’t know about how people deal with the grave situation of PTSD, then watching School Live will let you know more about the mental illness PTSD.

By watching Jormungand, learn about the thrilling lives of arms dealers and how they always remain surrounded by bodyguards and end up experiencing deadly pursuits.

Watch anime like Little Busters to know about Necrolepsy- the sleeping disorder that often happens to people when they’re extremely happy and relaxed.

Watching anime always helps viewers to know something valuable, interesting, and useful.

Learn about Japanese Culture

Does the Japanese culture inspire you? To know the Japanese culture, folklore, martial arts, samurai sects, weapons, and more, watch anime. As Japan is the birthplace of anime, they always try to incorporate various Japanese cultures, food and eating style, martial arts, myths, and more in their animation movies.

Learn about life lessons

In amine like Dragon Ball Z, the struggles and sacrifices of Goku are shown and how the innocent boy grew up with superpowers but never forgot modesty, love for elders, and his friends. Many anime movies show how people succumb desperately to arrogance. Children should be thankful to their parents and teachers and should learn to be more kind to one another. Watch anime like –A Silent Voice, My Hero Academia, or Orange to know the amazing life lessons showcased there.

Learn about the strength of teamwork, relationships, & Patience

Anime series like Doremon, Ninja Hattori, Haikyuu teach viewers about the power of teamwork. You can also learn about human relationships, loss, and pain of loved ones in various anime like Heidi, the Jungle Book, Carole & Tuesday, Devilman Crybaby, and so on.

Know the ugly side of human

Watch popular anime like Akame Ga Kill or Psycho Pass, Elfen Lied, Black, Lagoon, etc. to know about the ugly side of human nature.

These are some reasons to watch anime to become smarter.