July 20, 2024

How Sweatshirts For Women Have Evolved Over Time

Since their humble beginnings as men’s loungewear, sweatshirts have come a long way. From being adopted by women as a fashion statement to becoming an essential part of any woman’s wardrobe, we look at how sweaters for women have evolved and why it’s important to keep up with the trends. 

History Of The Sweatshirt

Hoodies have a fascinating history to them. They have been around for almost 80 years and are still the king of baggy and comfy clothes. It hit the stores back in the ’30s to keep athletes warm, and the blue-collar labourers later picked it. Gradually they saw a growing appreciation among the masses. 

The street enjoyed the easy over-the-head clothing piece. But it went southwards after a while and was out of the market in no time. Later, in the seventies, it gained momentum again, all thanks to the graffiti artist leaving a style statement. Hoodies are now paired with blazers for women to create a stunning and cool outfit to be worn in winter.

After, it was the eighties and nineties that brought sweatshirts to the spotlight. Since then, it has always stayed in the fashion wardrobe. 

Why Are Sweatshirts Popular Among Women?

Cardigans and pullovers for women are always the backups. But sweatshirts are uber versatile. Over the last two years, if the world has understood one thing, nothing is above comfort, and Sweatshirts tick this major necessity. Nothing is as cosy and mushy as a brand-new pastel sweatshirt. 

Whether borrowed from your boyfriends’ wardrobe or purchased from a store, sweatshirts are an all-time favourite. 

Further, it has an added advantage for females. Sweatshirts save your lazy head when you are in the mood to squish yourself in a bra, and Sweatshirts are a bit of everything. 

Morning walk ready, rushing to store ready, staying at home and Netflixing and chilling ready, getting over a breakup ready, i-am-a-painter/artist ready. Sweatshirts cover them all. 

Women And Styling A Sweatshirt  

From airport looks to gym looks, the women in the film business have made their love for sweatshirts evident, and it is hard to let this indication slip away. It fits perfectly well and is easy to pair with leggings, jeans, pyjamas, and joggers. 

Between many errands, a sweatshirt makes it very relaxing and chic at any point in the day. They are trendy and sophisticated, and they effortlessly match anything. With various choices in fabric, colour and length, sweatshirts are every wardrobe’s must-haves.

The Plethora Of Sweatshirts

Women can choose from many sweatshirts and dive into their mushy world. From a pastel palette to warm shades, sweatshirts pop out the cuteness in all of you. They are available with customisable designs and captions, making them more enticing. Various sizes and fits are best suited for your vibe. Winter is the layering season, and sweatshirts are best paired with jackets or puffers. 


The most intriguing fact about sweatshirts is irrespective of your size; it wraps around your body like an age-old friend. They make sure you are comfortable, and they smell unbearably cute, especially the ones stolen from your partner’s wardrobe. Now run along and get that sweatshirt immediately. Visit Vero Moda