April 24, 2024

How to Apply Falsies in Under Five Minutes?

If given a chance, would you wear false eyelashes daily? According to people who are wearing one, it is addictive. And wearing these things is usually a confidence booster. The beauty of adding depth to natural lashes in minutes, can influence women’s decision to incorporate false eyelashes in their morning makeup routine.

While putting glue and placing the strips on eyes sounds pretty challenging, experts say that applying these things takes more or less three minutes with these eyelash tips. We will take a closer look at some time saving tips to get the lash-altering result that can last a full day without lifting.

How should women prepare their false eyelashes before application?

Before the application of the glue, measure the eyelashes to the eye shape first, then cut it to the right size. To prevent it from lifting of the corners of the eyes, women need to roll it into something cylindrical. It will help stick better to the curvature of the lid and look more astonishing and natural.

What are falsies made of? Check out this site for details.

Applying glue? Find out the best practices

A lot of women enjoy using glue using a brush-tip applicator. This way, they have more control over how much of it they use and where to apply it. Not only that, it will make less mess in the process. They usually brush along the lash band and put more on the corners to avoid lifting through the entire day. People can also use thin layers of glue directly along the eyelash line for double-adhesive effects for more secure holds.

How and when do you apply?

Apply glue to both of the false lashes and have them sit for at least 30 seconds or until it dries. Place the band as close to the line as possible, adjust corners, and press down for three to ten seconds. The right way to apply it would be with the use of a tweezer, but a lot of users found that applying these things using long nails or acrylics works the same way as the tweezer when it comes to precise placement.


How do users to merge their false and natural eyelashes, so they do not separate?

Wait 60 seconds for the glue to dry. After that, use mascara and a lash curler to make sure that the natural and false lashes do not separate. Place the eyelash curler as close to the line as possible and give the lash a soft squeeze. If a woman is wearing a synthetic one, add a small mascara to seal both the natural and artificial lashes together.

Experts like Doll Beauty recommend using a small amount of volumizing mascara. The wand bristles can coat both synthetic and natural eyelashes and give the eyes a thick and bold look, even if they are not wearing false ones. For a high-end eyelash, make sure that the mascara doesn’t get to them. Curl the natural ones and apply mascara before placing falsies.

What about eyeliner?

A lot of users found that if they use liquid liner before adding the falsies, they do not stay in check throughout the day. Lifting is more inclined to happen if the base of the line is not clean at the time of application, which is why a lot of experts like to apply eyeliner afterward.