May 22, 2024

How to Avoid Getting Sick While Camping and the Importance of Big Berkey Water Filter

Going on a camping trip can be fun. It’s something that many people look forward to. Succeeding in hiking to the camping site and getting back home is a considerable feat for many people. Although camping is a fun outdoor activity, it also comes with plenty of risks. Make sure that you stay safe throughout the trip. You can enjoy it without getting ill. Start by drinking plenty of water. Potable drinking water is necessary, and you must have the big Berkey water filter with you. Without clean drinking water, you might end up with waterborne illnesses. If you decide to drink water from freshwater lakes, there’s no guarantee that it’s clean. However, if it goes through a water filter, it becomes safer.

Hiking to the camping site alone can already be exhausting. If you don’t have enough water, you might get dehydrated. Not receiving immediate help after dehydration could be fatal. Apart from drinking enough clean water during the camping trip, these are the other tips you have to remember.

Bring hygiene essentials

Pack everything you need to stay safe during the trip. You need to bring soap, shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrush, facial cleansers, insect repellent, and many others. There are no stores at the camping site where you can obtain these essentials. Therefore, you have to bring enough of them to get you through the whole journey.

Always clean your hands

You might touch a lot of dirty objects during the hiking and camping trip. Before eating, you have to wash your hands. You can also use gloves to protect your hands if clean water is scarce. You can also bring hand sanitizers if you know that it would be difficult to find a clean water source.

Don’t eat whatever you find 

Another fun activity that you might do during the trip is to hunt for food. If possible, you should avoid doing it. Some people love to go on camping to hunt animals, but they’re not necessarily safe to eat. Even plants that you find along the way might also be poisonous. Some of these plants look familiar, and you think they are edible, but they might be a different species. Stick with the food that you brought with you instead of foraging around the area.

Wear appropriate clothing

Make sure that you know what the weather would be like during the camping trip. You have to bring appropriate clothing with you to avoid getting sick. If you’re heading to a cold destination, you need a jacket and layers of clothing. If it’s going to be scorching hot on that day, you need loose and comfortable clothes. Don’t forget to bring a raincoat, umbrella, and a hat for protection during this trip.

Bring wet wipes

Wet wipes are essential during a camping trip. You don’t know if there will be a comfort room available in the area. If not, the most sanitary way to clean yourself is by using wet wipes. You also need to clean all the surfaces that you’re going to touch. If you can’t wash your hands, the wet wipes are an excellent alternative.

Don’t approach any animal

If the camping site is in the middle of a forest, you’re heading to the wild animals’ home. Some of them don’t look threatening, but they could be harmful. Make sure that you don’t approach any animal even if they look safe and harmless. Don’t panic if you see anything you’re not familiar with. Your overreaction could be seen as a threat by the animal and could end in an attack. These animals won’t necessarily harm you if you just ignore them.

Check your food before eating

Make sure that you bring healthy foods with you. Again, you can’t rely on whatever you find during the trip to be your meal. Worst, you couldn’t find anything to eat and starve for days. If possible, bring preserved and canned goods. They are going to last long, and are safe for consumption. If you bring fresh foods, you have to check first if they haven’t expired yet. Check the expiry date and smell the food before eating. Avoid bringing food that will expire within the day, such as milk, salad, and raw meat.

Stay in your tent if it’s too hot 

If your camping trip goes on for several days, there might be times when it would be too hot to head outside. Try to cancel any activity that requires you to be outside your tent. The scorching heat could lead to sunburn or, worse, heatstroke. Again, getting medical attention would be extremely difficult considering your location.

Be careful with insect bites

Perhaps, the biggest issue you will have any camping trip is insect bites. Bring an effective insect repellent and wear long sleeves when sleeping. Cover your entire body so the insects wouldn’t bite you. However, if you still got bitten, you should treat the bite right away. Some insect bites could be poisonous and fatal if not treated immediately.

Don’t sleep late 

There’s nothing wrong with having fun activities during the camping trip. If you want to enjoy the night by having a barbecue or campfire, it’s okay. However, it would help if you didn’t spend too much time enjoying the evening and not resting. If you already have other plans the following day, you should sleep early. You might find it easy to forget your schedule because you’re having so much fun. Without plenty of rest, you could get sick.

First aid kit should be complete

Try your best to follow the steps to stay healthy during your camping trip. However, if you still end up getting sick, it helps if you have a first aid kit. Again, it’s not easy getting medical help during this trip. Without a first aid kit, your life could be in danger. Check it first and make sure that it has everything you need to stay safe.

Hopefully, nothing wrong will happen during your camping trip, and you can do it again next time.