May 20, 2024

How to choose the nursery – expert advice?

Choosing the International preschool for us mothers is another challenging time to face. On vacation we can have the opportunity to talk about it with our partner and try to find the best solution for our children and for us. If our children have had the opportunity to go to the nursery, perhaps the task is a little easier, because they have already had the opportunity to face the initial problems that could be separation, socialization with other children, etc. But every change brings with it some disorientation that must be faced together.

It is time for a right choice

Meanwhile, it is important that we parents have the way and the time to make a choice that correspond too many needs. The nursery school is run by public, usually municipal and private structures. Depending on our principles, our condition, the place where we live and also our income, we can choose from a rather wide range of kindergartens. Another important element to consider can be the location of the kindergarten: if it has sufficient green space around it, if there are open spaces where children can play.

The nest

Nowadays, working mothers unfortunately don’t have much choice: once the period of compulsory leave is over, the wages paid during the optional leave period are not even enough to cover the costs of milk and diapers, if the income of a single salary are not enough to make ends meet and grandparents cannot provide any help, therefore, the only valid alternative left is that of the nursery. First talk to friends and relatives. Knowing the real experiences of people you trust can be of great help in choosing a preschool.

Once this is done, you will have a list of nursery schools. Then call the schools on the list and ask to be able to visit the facility. Many schools will allow you to do this, while others will be reluctant and annoyed, this will give you the confirmation that it is not really appropriate to send your child there. Visit the school in the generality of its structure. Therefore, check that your child will stay in a protected and hygienic environment, that the playground and the school walls are well fenced and that there are high standards of hygiene.

Don’t listen, try to see and understand

Visiting the school during class and with the children inside would be best, and would allow you to observe the children. Notice if there are children wandering aimlessly in the corridors or if some children sit in a corner for a long time without anyone noticing them, a good kindergarten class will have all the children busy with games and handicrafts and artistic. Finally remember that your child is still a child, therefore try to find a school that has a program that allows him to play and have fun, Ask the teachers how much time they leave for playing, and how much instead for learning, then choose a program that balances game-learning and that allows children to play while learning at the same time.