May 20, 2024

How to extend the stay in the U.K? Learn to extend your stay in the U.K

In this article, we are going inside the topic of extension of visa. Firstly, getting a visa is not a very easy task in the U.K. Several legal formalities must be done. One of the most prominent things to get a visa for the U.K is the English test. It is very mandatory to have a basic understanding of the English dialect. It is very important for the applicant to know basic English. In order to survive in an international country. The applicant must learn the basics English. As per the rules, the visitor for the partner or the spousal visa must appear for the English test. This test consists of basic English questions.

The A1 English test is conducted for the two and a half year of stay. Suppose the applicant is able to pass this test. The legal visa to stay in the U.K for two and a half years will be provided. In case the visitor is willing to extend the stay. He or she needs to pass the A2 test as well. The a2 English test is conducted for applying for a five-year visa. Suppose the applicant is able to pass this. This will provide the stay of five years of spousal visa. The a2 test is not very difficult to crack. There are certain things about the test. Suppose the applicant is able to understand the details.

The test lasts only for seven minutes. In those seven minutes, the applicant’s speaking and learning skills are tested. The basics of grammar are tested. The certificate is provided to the visitor. Spouses or visitors have to take the A2 test for a five-year-long stay in the U.K.

How to pass the A2 English test? Get the training to achieve the certificate

This can be a problematic situation for some of you, as those who are not very well with the English dialect. It is not at all an issue. Even those who cannot speak English can pass the test. All you have to do is a little preparation. The first thing to learn English is grammar. We will prepare you for this test. The most asked question in the test will be suggested to you. The guidance will surely help you pass the test.

The level of 5 to 6 aged child English questions are asked. In fact, the applicant will be very trained to get through the test. The applicant can book the closest examination centre. Check out the timetable. Accordingly, book the examination centre for the A2 test. This timetable contains adequate information like date and day. So choosing the right exam centre will not be a tough thing to do. This English certificate will be provided within seven days. It holds a lot of importance. The results will be declared immediately. The certificate is approved by the authorities. We hope this article will help you out with the purpose.