September 24, 2023

How to Get Million Dollar Listings

Pursuing a career in real estate doesn’t often stem from a passion for real estate. Very few people have the opportunity to develop such a passion before they get into the business. The truth is that it’s a career with promises of opportunity to make a good living. The hope is that the passion will be found once the work starts. Because money is an understandably large part of the drive to get into the business, a lot of people wonder about listings. You know that million-dollar listings are invaluable to agents, but how hard are they to get? What does it really take to be an agent who can handle such listings? Let’s break it down.


This is the part where everyone else talks about networking. But, you already know that you’ll have to go hard in networking to get million-dollar listings. This is a referral business. The only way to get the top listings is to have good connections.

The key to networking is patience. Add persistence to your patience, and you have the combination for a relentless networking campaign that will ultimately get you valuable listings. You just have to keep at it. And then, keep at it some more. It is inevitable that you will get quality referrals if you stay persistent and patient.

Providing Value

When you finally get a good referral, you do right by it by providing value. You have to understand the client’s wants and needs. You have to be able to deliver for them. As an agent, you are there to solve problems. That means giving advice, using your built-up network to make deals and working just as hard for each client as you did to get the referral. Above all, you have to be good at what you do, and that comes from persistently working hard (is this becoming a theme?).

Forging Ahead

One of the great barriers to breaking into the million-dollar club is hesitation (also known as fear). Here’s the big, dirty secret: every million-dollar agent had a first deal. You have to start exactly where the people you’re chasing started. You will only succeed if you have the audacity to believe in yourself. It might sound like a cliche, but checking your fear at the door and giving yourself a shot is the only way to achieve this goal.

There’s an old saying about starting journeys with a single step. Perhaps you’ve heard it before. In the journey to land million-dollar listings, that journey starts with getting your qualifications. You can get your California real estate license online. It’s more accessible than ever before, and when you’re finished with that first step, you’ll be on a road rich with opportunity. You just have to stay patient and persistent.