April 17, 2024

How to navigate the clutter in your home

When someone thinks about renting a storage unit, one of the most common reasons why is for a move. While this is one of the most frequent reasons, it is not the only one. Often, people look for a storage unit to help them efficiently use the space they already have.

There are plenty of people who are absolutely overwhelmed by the amount of clutter they have in their homes. If this is the case, it is time to start thinking about a storage unit.

Look for Areas of Clutter

Most houses have some degree of mess within them. With this in mind, not every house is going to have clutter in the same areas. Some people might have more clutter in the kitchen while other people might have more clutter in the bedroom closets.

Try to figure out where the areas of clutter are located. This will give everyone an idea of how much stuff they have to clean up.

Eliminate the Unnecessary Items

The next step is to think about what items they can get rid of. Try to separate the items into three separate categories. Figure out which stuff needs to stay in the home because it is used on a regular basis.

Remember that it will be important to find spots for these items in the house. Then, create a pile of items that can be thrown away or donated to charity. Remember that it might be possible to take a tax deduction for charitable donations.

Finally, the third pile is going to be for items that don’t need to be used right now but also don’t need to be donated or tossed. This is the pile that goes into storage.

Optimize the Storage Space

Once the storage pile is finished, try to find the right storage unit. Some people need climate-controlled storage units while others might not. Try to find a storage unit that is big enough to fit the items without being too expensive. Finally, also consider the security of the storage unit. This will help everyone optimize their space.