June 16, 2024

Hunter x Hunter: Representing The Anthropocene

Hunter x Hunter shows many aspects of the Anthropocene. The Anthropocene is a term referring to how humans have affected the Earth and its current state by changing it in such a way that it’s no longer the same as what was previously there. In some parts of Hunter x Hunter, we see how humans used to live in a more simple way. They were hunters and ate what they hunted, but with the advancement of technology, people started living differently, requiring them to create convenience stores so they can eat all the food they want. These stores also came with all kinds of new machines that made it easier for them to do their work and consume goods. One example is during one episode where Gon meets someone and he remarks that he doesn’t know what kind of tree branch he has in his hand because it’s too big! He then concludes that this person must be from the future because he’s holding a branch from an entire tree. This person is a hunter who hunts animals (according to this hunter) because there are none left anymore.

The Anthropocene, or “The Age of the Human,” is a new geological period that the Earth is in currently. The term was created by two scientists, and it has been used to represent humanity’s influence on the planet. Scientists point out that humans have changed natural landscapes, which are now unrecognizable from how they were before humans inhabited them. This is what scientists mean when they say that humans are changing the world faster than ever before.

Forms of the Anthropocene

In the year 2029, Earth is dying. Many faces of this destruction are shown in Hunter x Hunter, which is a manga about two young boys who battle to become assassins for hire. One of their adversaries is the world’s largest crime syndicate and its leader, a man who has regenerative body cells and can control them to create shapes made out of flesh. As this ฮันเตอร์  × ฮันเตอร์ grows stronger and moves into new forms, he leaves destruction in his path even while defending himself from being killed by the assassins-slash-hunters. The Anthropocene is the idea that we are living in a new geological era. This is caused by human activity, such as the burning of fossil fuels and forest destruction. Some other symptoms of this new era include significantly rising global temperatures and average sea level. These are all things that seem to be happening in our lifetime. I think it’s amazing how quickly humans have evolved into creatures capable of transforming our planet.

How have humans adapted to anthropocenic changes?

Humans have adapted to the Anthropocene by using technology, hunting species for food and selling their pelts, collecting data from satellites, and continuing to use natural resources. However, these activities have both negative and positive effects on the environment with unclear consequences for the future. The world is going through many changes, and it is important understand what that means for the future. It is up to everyone to consider how their actions will affect the environment in which we live.