May 20, 2024

Importance Of Proper Sharps Disposal  

Every day tons of medical waste is produced by hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical institutes. Medical waste includes many sharp and harmful objects that need to be disposed of safely.

One of the biggest concerns of health workers is to find the right way for sharps disposal. This type of medical wastes could be life-threatening as well as infectious.

Sharp containers include syringes, needles, capillary tubes, dental aesthetics, IV catheter, etc. These items are used to treat various diseases and conditions like HIV/Aids, cancer, diabetes, and others. This is why sharps container disposal is very important.

Why is it important to dispose of sharps containers safely?

More than 7 billion sharps are disposed of every year in the United States alone. A major percentage of these items are used to treat cancer, diabetes, and even HIV. Once the equipment is used for sustaining life, it becomes a health hazard for health workers and everyone else around.

When sharps are not disposed of properly, they pose a great threat to your health. They can not only spread diseases, but they are highly infectious as well. To prevent any such thing from happening, health workers need to dispose of them properly and safely.

This is why you need to hire a sharps container disposal service. Once you are done using the equipment, they will dispose of them safely for you. This will keep everyone safe and also prevent the spread of any infection.

How to dispose of used sharps?

Sharps include different medical equipment like needles, syringes, etc. You need to take proper care while disposing of such items.

Used needles should not be broken or bent before disposal. Instead, you should use a needle clipper to snap off the sharp part of the syringe. Also, you are advised to maintain a sharps bin to dispose of all medical supplies after using them.

The next thing you do is call for a sharps cleaning service. They will take away the sharps bin and dispose of all the medical waste items safely.

Used sharps equipment is highly infectious and dangerous for humans. They should be disposed of properly to prevent the risk of any disease or infection.