July 25, 2024

Interactive Roadmap & Timeline Template By Hislide For Powerpoint 

Roadmaps are an interesting way to portray your project in a PowerPoint presentation; you can use them to convey the project’s goals, tasks, and milestones in the form of a timeline to the audience. The simple reason behind the use of the Project is to use it to show the important aspects of a project from beginning to end of it. 

You can use a PowerPoint timeline template free from Hislide and make interactive animated presentation layouts. 

Create Interactive Roadmaps

You can use the timeline template by Hislide, to make a creative Interactive Roadmap all you need to do is click on the Home icon available in Slide Show mode. Clicking on it from the content slide will take the presenter back to the main slide. 

The slides already have a feature of connected GPS markers, GPS markers represent slides in a template. On clicking the Marker, it will take you the specifically connected slide in the presentation. You can find interactive Layouts for timeline template by Hislide that will help you switch between different slides and you can use it to simply head back to the main slide. 

Make good use of PowerPoint timeline template for free to create a project roadmap, strategic roadmap, technology roadmap or platform roadmap, the animated template that will make your roadmap presentation visually appealing to the audience.  

GPS Markers to Mark Key Aspects on the Roadmap

Timeline template by Hislide will depict roadmap in the animated design in the form of the road with the help of GPS markers. You can even use space for including additional information such as including dates to design of your timeline, to add more text you can make use of additional text boxes that will help you to add a description for each part of the timeline.

For effectively using text boxes, you can add milestones, goals, key information regarding the roadmap and a brief explanation of deliverable. GPs markers are easy to use you can even move them very easily by using simple drag and drop options. Use it wisely to match your descriptions on the timeline.  

Instantly Create Interactive Roadmaps

Templates also have a setting that you can use to enable presenters to create animated slides instantly; the slides can even be switched in between main slides. To return to the main slide all you need is to click on the home icon that is present at the top left corner in content slides. Just by filling the sample timeline, you can instantly create animated timeline slides that are interactive to present your roadmap.