Sat. Jul 31st, 2021

Jerome Karam Houston and JMK5 Lead Development in Texas

For over two decades, the local Houston real estate developer and lawyer Jerome Karam have dominated the Galveston and greater Houston real estate scene. Throughout these years of development, Karam’s company JMK5 has developed a variety of buildings, ranging from restaurants to residential spaces, that have transformed the Houston scene.

Through years of work, JMK5 has created many of the beautiful and iconic buildings within the Galveston area that we see today. Renters, restaurant owners, and more get to enjoy life in Houston, thanks to the efforts of JMK5. However, the company shows no signs of stopping any time soon.

Today, JMK5 continues to dominate the local real estate scene by buying, developing, and selling a variety of different buildings that fit perfectly within the modern Houston, Texas market. From building commercial properties to flipping residential spaces for Airbnb and other similar purposes, JMK5 continues to develop the Houston area for the city dwellers of tomorrow.

To understand the scope of JMK5’s effect on the Houston real estate scene, let’s look at both finished developments and in-process projects by JMK5.

About JMK5 Holdings, LLC

JMK5 Holdings, LLC is a leading developer in the Galveston real estate scene. Led by the visionary and experienced real estate leader Jerome Karam, JMK5 purchases, redevelops, and plans to continue recreating the Texas scene to create the modern landscapes of tomorrow.

JMK5’s Houston, Texas Developments

Even though JMK5 is focusing on developing buildings and properties for tomorrow, the company has a longstanding history within the Houston real estate development industry that has shaped the Houston of today.

From years of experience, JMK5 has developed and sold a variety of properties, ranging from modern condominiums to storage centers. These developments prove to be just a few examples of JMK5’s lucrative, creative, and visionary investments in Houston and surrounding areas.

Harborside Lofts

One of the more impressive developments completed by JMK5 is the Harborside Lofts. Acquired by Karam in early 2003, the Harborside Lofts were sold throughout 2003 and 2005 to produce both commercial and residential space for Galveston, Texas.

Jones Road Shopping Center

The Jones Road Shopping Center is a commercial space that is loved by people within the Houston area. This project was developed earlier in the company’s history and has been one of the leading projects of the company’s career.

The Plaza Acadiana

In 2005, the Plaza Acadiana was acquired. The property includes a 1-story retail shopping center that includes nine retail suites. In November 2019, the property was successfully sold by JMK5.

Future Developments for JMK5

Although many companies go stagnant after dominating the local real estate scene for so long, the same cannot be said for JMK5. Instead, JMK5 continues to develop Houston real estate to continue to shape the city for tomorrow, and the company’s plans are more lofty and visionary than ever.

Many of the current developments of JMK5 are not only beneficial for the community, but they are beautiful and demonstrate a uniquely modern, aesthetic, and lucrative perspective that only visionary and experienced tycoons can properly develop.

From gorgeous areas on the Bay to classic estates in the more rural areas of Houston, JMK5 is currently developing Houston real estate that may become some of the most sought-after areas in the state. Here are just a few examples.

Bayou Bend Estates

The Bayou Bend Estates are some of the most gorgeous waterfront lots in Texas. Located in Dickinson, TX, the Bayou Bend Estates have 47 lots that cost a minimum of $399,000. These estates are being developed so Texans can build their dream waterfront getaway.

Hideaway Estates

Much like the Bayou Bend Estates, the Hideaway Estates bring coastal wildlife, scenery, and beautiful waterfront lots at some of the most affordable prices. With 40 lots available, residents of Galveston can enjoy some of the most beautiful areas that their home has to offer.

World Gym Houston

The modern JMK5 isn’t just focused on residential properties, and the World Gym Houston is just one example. Formerly known as the Cossaboom Family YMCA, the World Gym Houston is becoming an iconic community center with over 45,000 square feet of storage and a 5-story fitness center.

The World Gym Houston is a beautiful picture of what JMK5 envisions for the Houston of tomorrow. As the area’s first and only 5-story fitness center, the World Gym Houston will showcase a healthier, brighter, and more innovative future for this community.

Looking to Tomorrow

These developments are only three examples of projects. JMK5 is currently in the process of developing and selling. Currently, the company is pursuing several other projects of equal importance and significance to the community.

More importantly, JMK5 looks towards tomorrow to create modern, sleek, and lucrative real estate decisions that will benefit the Houston area at large.