July 25, 2024

Korca – the carnivals city of Albania

Albania offers a lot of destinations at any season of the year. A great city to discover is Korca (Albanian: Korça). The city of Korca, located in the southeastern part of the Albania, is one of the most important cultural and economic centers of the country.

Maybe not many know that carnivals are celebrated in Albania, and the city of Korca hosts the largest carnival in Albania. The carnivals take place before Orthodox Easter.

Traditional houses, typical quarters, low houses and beautiful villas paved with cobblestone, are what makes it a beautiful sightseeing city.

Korca is a country rich in culture, and it offers the visitors a range of museums to visit such as the Museum of Education, the National Museum of Medieval Art, Gjon Mili Museum of Photography, Prehistoric Museum, ‘Bratko’ – Museum of the Oriental Art, etc.

The museum of education is placed in the building where the first Albanian school opened in 1887 and has been recently renewed (must visit).

A cemetery of the French soldiers fallen during the First World War is found in the vicinity of the city.

Depending by the season, one can visit Theatre Cajupi, which is a place to see concerts or theatre performances. Besides many attractive museums and monuments, you can plan to see the largest carnival in Albania.

If you are a lover of music (and who is not?!) , in Korca you have the great chance to listen to serenata. Korca is famous for the local songs, called serenata. In the city you will find many restaurants offering traditional dishes which combined with the music, makes it a perfect place and experience.

Korça is a very starting point if you are planning to explore more tourist points located in the nearby mountains. Interesting village destinations include: Voskopoje, Dardhe, Vithkuq and Boboshtice. In these villages, one will find a lot of possibilities to practice different outdoor sports and activities. In this area, there are a lot of Byzantine churches like the ones of Vithkuq and Voskpoja, featuring painted walls by famous medieval Albanian painters.

Close to Korça there is the Prespa Lake which is the country’s largest National Park, Drenova National Park. An interesting visitors spot is the Illyrian tummulus of Kamenica as well.

And that’s not all. Read more at http://albania.al to learn more.