June 16, 2024

Looking to buy affordable diamond engagement ring online?

If you are looking for information that brought you to this article, it may be you who are starting your journey to purchase the most important gift of your life: the engagement ring. And in the first contact with this subject, you are probably surprised by the sea of ​​information that exists about engagement rings, diamonds and precious stones, right?

In fact, buying a diamond engagement ring takes time and research. As there is an extensive variety of models and values, many people are in doubt when choosing the perfect engagement ring for their loved one. To try to help you, we have compiled a compact guide on the most popular diamond engagement ring designs and how much an engagement ring costs.

Characteristics of the diamond engagement ring

What makes a diamond engagement ring different from other rings? When looking at some engagement ring models, you will notice that there is a common feature between them: the structure. Generally, this type of jewel has a prominent central stone, raised in relation to the ring’s rim. Like any other stones, it is quite common that this central stone is a diamond. Although this structure seems very rigid, it is possible to explore different designs and styles of engagement ring.

Solitary diamond engagement ring

The renowned solitaire ring is practically a synonym for diamond engagement ring. This classic design appeared in 1886. The original design consists of a smooth bezel ring with a single diamond attached by a six-claw setting. However, the solitary engagement ring, even presenting such a minimalist and traditional design, can also reveal itself in several other ways. With smaller diamonds set in the ring, with a less prominent setting and a crown with 4 or 5 claws. They are small details that make a big difference in the look of the ring.

Engagement ring with halo

When you say that an engagement ring has a halo, it means that it has a crown of small diamonds around the central stone. It is a resource of classic design and enshrined in jewelry, which enhances the shine and beauty of the gemstone highlighted. In addition to beauty, the halo engagement ring is also an excellent alternative for those looking for an imposing jewel but has a budget constraint. It is not a rule, but this type of ring usually has a more affordable price compared to a solitary crown model of similar size. This type of model also features a huge variation of designs. The halos around the diamond need not necessarily be round, with different shapes, such as rectangular, square, flower-shaped, with double halo, etc.

Engagement Ring with three diamonds

Although, this ring is less popular than solitaire diamond ring, the engagement ring with three diamonds has been calling attention for the meaning it carries. Generally, this type of jewelry has a composition of a larger central stone (diamond) and two smaller side stones in the same crown, where each stone indicates a period of a couple’s relationship, the past, the present and the future. These three gems can also represent friendship, love and fidelity. There are some variations, such as minimalist, delicate, with princess cut stone and a model with vintage details.

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Diamond engagement rings: price characteristics

This question is actually more complex than it seems. You will understand that there are countless variables that interfere with the value of an engagement ring. The value of a diamond engagement ring is directly influenced by the weight, quality, cut, color, impurity of its gems. And other factors related to the metal used, design, type of manufacture and product brand. However, one of the most important variables is the size of the central diamond. It is it which determines a large part of the price of the rings. To better illustrate this idea, just compare two models of rings from any online store. With this comparison, it is possible to understand how dramatic the price variation is when the size of the central diamond is increased.

It is important to understand that the value of diamonds rises exponentially in relation to weight. However, smaller diamonds are common and larger diamonds are rarer. Therefore, a 50-point diamond is worth much more than two 25-point diamonds. And a 100-point diamond is worth more than two 50-point diamonds and much more than four 25-point diamonds. In addition to the weight, it is important to assess the quality of the diamonds in the engagement ring. As with any product, the type of raw material greatly influences the value of the final piece. Better diamonds have less impurities, are more colorless and have a good cut, which directly influences the diamond’s brilliance.


If you are in the middle of choosing a diamond engagement ring, we recommend that you delve into this subject. In addition to better understanding the famous 4 c’s classification for diamonds – Color, Carat, Clarity and Cut, we suggest you gather information online. Or, you can simply ask the online jewellery store. It is clear that, although the central diamond is an important factor in the price composition of engagement rings, the subject is not restricted to this variable. However, this information will be important for you to better organize prices in your mind. It will be much easier to compare rings within the same brand.

Remember that the subject is complex, but it is safe to say that the larger the diamond, the greater its representativeness in the composition of the value of a ring. In cases of smaller diamonds, variables such as ring material, labor, brand, design and taxes can be factors that will outweigh the importance of the central diamond.