May 20, 2024

Mark Roemer Oakland Discusses How to Pick Wall Art That Fits Your Personality


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, choosing wall arts that match your personality can offer you the most satisfaction. And, although it’s not possible to pin down the exact personality of every individual, you can make educated guesses based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

Tips & Tricks

Here are a few tips you may follow to pick wall art that fits your personality:

1. INTP Personality – INTPs are known as ‘Thinkers’ since they love logic and are practical. The most suitable wall arts for such people are those that include geometric designs and patterns.

2. ENTP Personality – ENTPs are a rare breed and known as ‘Visionaries’ and they love to discuss theories and facts. As a result, abstract canvas prints are perfect for such people.

3. ISFP Personality – ISFPs are spontaneous in nature and known as ‘Composers’. Although they are introverts, they make great tag-along friends. Thus, wall arts that feature travel, music, and adventure can please them greatly.

4. ISFJ Personality – ISFJs are very generous and often become philanthropists. As a result, they are known as ‘Nurturers’. Floral-themed wall arts are a great match for their considerate nature.

5. ESTJ Personality – ESTJs are known as ‘Supervisors’ and are often those who people go to for guidance and counsel. They have a strong sense of what’s morally acceptable and are very organized. Owl or lion-themed artworks match their personality pretty well.

6. ENTJ Personality – ENTJs are always brimming with energy and are full of possibilities. They are known as ‘Commanders’ and there is nothing more suitable than artworks that feature rich scenery with yellow and blue colors for them.

7. ESFP Personality – ESFPs love the spotlight and are known as ‘Performers’. Thus, wall arts that feature famous superstars or celebrities would be an ideal choice for them.

8. ESTP Personality – ESTPs need a perfect balance of social interaction and logical process and are known as ‘Doers’ due to their active personality. Contemporary-themed wall arts are a great choice for them.

9. ENFP Personality – ENTPs are perfectly aligned with their emotions and love to pursue their ideas, create their own methods, and develop efficient habits. For people who are known as ‘Champions’, there is nothing more suitable than art works that elicit a strong emotional response.

10. ESFJ Personality – ESFJs love constant interaction with other people and are social butterflies. They are known as ‘Providers’ and come across as the stereotypical extrovert. Butterfly-themed wall arts or fashion-themed artworks are a good option for them.

11. INFP Personality – INFPs are stereotypical introverts and are called ‘Idealists’. Anime or superhero-themed wall arts are the best choices for them.

12. ENFJ Personality – ENFJs love abstract art and oil paintings since they love abstract ideas.

13. ISTP Personality – ISTPs are the mysterious type and almost any type of artwork can please them.

14. INTJ Personality – INTJs are attracted to ideas and theories. Thus, colorful artworks that feature animal prints or abstract concepts suit them well.

15. INFJ Personality – INFJs are deep thinkers who love unique wall arts that need a little imagination to be understood.

16. ISTJ Personality – ISTJs are old-school and traditional. They love inspirational wall arts.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests you go through a personality test and choose the wall art type that fits your personality.