May 20, 2024

Mobile Archiving in The Work from Home Setup

The work from home setup has been a challenging adjustment for regulated entities. They still have to remain compliant despite the pandemic and the fact that their employees are working remotely. Communication supervision and retention policies are still to be implemented as regulators have shown no signs of slowing down. Being able to archive text messages and other mobile communications during this crisis has definitely been a key component for companies today.

One of the problems that companies face is the use of new communication tools. As different types of companies have been forced to work in their homes, they have been using non-traditional communication channels to keep in touch with their clients in an easier way. Instant messaging apps like Whatsapp have been a staple during this crisis. For this, Whatsapp call recording is highly recommended. These companies are also monitored to ensure their best execution in terms of practices.

So how can companies comply with all the needs and requirements that the regulatory board has set? A good start would be to audit all communications after the crisis. This can ensure that relevant information and business records are retained if they are ever needed for future use. This will include texts, calls, instant messaging apps, and other means of communication used. It is also best if employees are prepared to meet the regulatory requirements. If it can be done, company-issued devices should be given to employees for their business-related conversations.

For more on this, here’s an infographic by Telemessage.