May 23, 2024


If you are looking for moon lamps then we are bringing our best moon lamps for you. There are many benefits of our moon lamps as these benefits are given below. It is the perfect gift for those people who need some light during night work. There is another traditional lamp but it is different from all those traditional lamps. You can find the laser engraved wooden stands and there are Lunar Effects. If you are wishing for any beautiful gift for your mother, father, sister or friends then it will be the best option for you. 

This is the best option for you in every season. There is a 3D printing technology and you can see the beautiful printings. It is the best way to learn about the solar system. 

Shipping of Moon Lamps

If you are looking to buy then you can buy it online as we are providing the facility of online buying of moon lamps. The process of all orders is about a maximum of two days. It is expected that your shipping will be delivered in 5 working days depending upon the location. The shipment of all orders is in business working days from Monday and Friday. 

Free Shipping

We are providing the facility of free shipping so customers can order the moon lamps. However, there are some charges for international shipping. 

Tracking and Insurance

The shipment of moon lamps is made and tracking number is provided to the customers. This tracking number helps the customer to track their orders. 

Payment Options

You can buy the moon lamps online. You can choose the following payment option for buying the moon lamp. 

You can use the credit cards which are used to purchase moon lamps from our official website. The credit cards may include the American Express and VISA Card. We are providing the highest secure payment system. 

  • Credit Cards

We accept all major credit and debit cards, which form the quickest and easiest way to pay. These include Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Your payment is processed through our 

Your all information will be secured and there is no leakage of any information.

  • Paypal

PayPal is the other type of payment method which is widely used all over the world. It is a secure payment method.  You can make the order with help of PayPal. 

  • After pay – Buy Now Pay Later

When you will use the after pay then you will be able to purchase and receive the all good. It is a great facility which is offering to buy the moon lamps now and pay after. When you will buy these moon lamps then you will pay after a few months in four equal installments. There will be no interest in repaying. 

  • HUMM – Repay in Slices

We are also providing the facility of repaying in Slices. When you will be able to buy now and pay later then you will be able to pay in slices weekly or fortnightly which will be interest-free. 

  • Email Confirmation

We are also offering email confirmation of our services. When you will be able to buy the moon lamps then you will be able to receive the email from our company. When the shipment is made then you will be also provided the email. 

  • Exchanges & Refunds

We are offering the facility of exchange and refunds. We are providing a high-quality product so believe that our customer likes our product. However, if you find any issue with our moon lamp then you can feel easy to return the moon lamp and exchange it. However, we are also providing the facility of refunding in 30 days. When we offer the exchange and refund facility then we ask that. 

  • The product is in new condition
  • The product is in the original packaging
  • The product can be returned to us within 30 days

Features of Our Company

  • We are providing the best customer experience with our moon lamps.  
  • We are providing the beautiful moon lamps as we are producing the best lamps as each lamp can be customized with brand logo as well as the product name.
  • Our moon lamp is for everyone. It is useful for any age in every home. 
  • We are focusing on going green as we are trying to stop the paper to save the trees. 
  • We are also providing the guarantee of our moon lamps as the customer can get the 3-month guarantee. 
  • We are providing free shipping in Austral. 
  • Our all products are 100 % Australian based 
  • Our company is proving a friendly service as you will enjoy our service when you become a member of the lunar effects family.
  • We are also offering secure payment methods as you can buy the moon lamps through any widely accepted payment method. 
  • We are providing the privacy policy as we believe that we trust the relationship which should be long term and permanent. 
  • We are providing the moon lamps in three beautiful colors.
  • These are available in the size of 12 cm. 15 cm,20 cm, and 25 cm. 
  • There is also a USB cable with Moon Lamps instead of a plug adopter. 
  • We are also providing the wooden stand for moon lamps/ 


If you are looking for any lamp for your home or office then our Moon Lamp will be a better option for you as it is a 100% Australian Based product. We are producing unique features and services to our customers in Australia and outside the country. We are offing a money-back guarantee on our products. Head to now to get yours.