May 23, 2024

Must-try Unique Desserts in Bangalore

If you are someone who believes that a day spent without desserts is a day wasted, then hi-5, we are with you in this. Desserts are not just something sweet to have, but they actually act as a soul-food to many of us. Whether it is a waffle or a freshly baked jar cake, Bangalorites are quite used to having their desserts in style. So here is a list of must-try desserts in Bangalore that are sure to make you fall for them with every bite you take. Let’s dig’n-

  1. Dondurma- Ok! Ok! We know the name is so funny, but we bet, this dessert is equally yummy. Dondurma is actually a Turkish ice-cream dessert that is creamier and richer than the regular ice-creams. This dessert is made up of ingredients like- whipped cream, sugar, salep, and mastic. The fun thing about Dondurma is the way it is served (refer any video of Turkish ice-cream, you will get the drill). Try having this once, and you will love the overall experience.
  2. Cotton Candy Burrito- Another dessert that has made Bangalorites a sweet-tooth is cotton candy burritos. Yes, you heard that right! Well, we all remember cotton candy or gudiya ke baal as we called it in childhood. This candy burrito is loaded with some flavorful ice-cream and is an insta-worthy dessert. This unique combination of ice-cream with cotton candy is not just yummy but also looks like a fairyland dessert.
  3. Jar Cakes- A lot of bakeries are into cake delivery in Bangalore, but there are only a few that offer you delivery of freshly made jar cakes. Jar cakes are basically a compressed version of cake but in a glass jar. These tiny glass jars are easy to carry, and you can binge them anytime you want if you have one such cake in your bag. Flavours like chocolate moose, tutti-frutti, red-velvet, etc. are available in jar cakes and they all are equally delicious.
  4. Thanda Paan Ice Cream- This dessert is one step above in its uniqueness if compared with the cotton candy burrito. How? Well simply because the flavour of paan in an ice-cream is unimaginable. This ice cream has got the taste of paan leaves, and paan supari that will give your taste buds a tingling sensation. A must-try dessert, for sure.
  5. Hungarian Chimney Cake- Believe it or not, but this dessert is actually a roller-coaster ride of all things sweet, and scrumptious. Made from sweet yeast dough and baked in cone-shape, then roasted on charcoal and finally, basted with melted butter. And your dessert is ready to eat! Do not forget to click some cool insta-worthy pictures of this yummy dessert.

And now that we have helped you with the list of must-try desserts in Bangalore have you already begun to tick them off from your list? Not yet? Then what’s the wait for? Go and have them right away!