May 22, 2024

Revenge Book With Revenge Being Its Main Theme

Lady revenge is one of the revenge books written by Alexis brown. Helen King is known to be the main character of the novel. She had a perfect life but at the age of 14 everything turned down. She was snatched away everything in one cruel night as her parents were murdered. Her innocence was almost over as she had to face a lot only at her young age.

The Plot

Her uncle Kim tried and arranged to ruin her life and turned it into hell. She was a princess before but that day completely ruined her life. She was already dead after jumping into the sea. She got saved by a secret organization and the only reason she was inspired to live was revenge. Revenge is the best served cold and Helen is the best person for it. She is determined to take her revenge and burn the betrayer to ashes. She has played her role perfectly like an Avenger Infinity. After that day she could never believe in humans and it was the only weapon that gave her a sense of safety.

The revenge

She tried ways in order to take revenge for whatever happened with her that changed her life. Her main aim was to achieve the goal of taking revenge for what has been done to her. She took help someone special in her life that also made her feel protected. She looked up for several opportunities to seek revenge and did not spare any moment to destroy her betrayers. Although she was a small girl but her life experience made her change.

Range of the emotions

The readers can relate to the emotions of the revenge of Helen. Revenge was the only way and option that she could seek for. She had nothing to lose so it was the Last Resort that kept her going. Her whole Fortune was changed because of whatever has been plotted against her. The writer has betrayed the role of Helen only as a way of seeking revenge for her present condition. Helen has been the sufferer of a change in Fortune and the way she had been dealing with her life. She could have different life at the age of 14 but for that specific incident in her life, she had to undergo a lot of changes for which she try to seek revenge.

The Language

The language of the novel is written in an easy manner. It is easy for the readers to understand and go through the series of emotions that are related to the main character of the novel. She is a young beautiful girl who has her own way of dealing with the betrayer of her life. Since she is a small girl she considered revenge to be the only way. The revenge book is quite famous and it has attracted the readers for its main theme of Revenge. The main character has done a proper justification to uplift the whole theme of the novel.